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Ordinarily, on April 1st every year, the EC Communications staff enjoys sharing a blog post that, in the spirit of “April Fools Day,” turns out to be false. Here’s a list of some examples from past years:

This year, with the quarantine and the resulting #ECRemoteLearning program, we thought we would poke a little fun at ourselves instead. It’s been an amazing transition into a Remote Learning Program. Here’s what our parents said after week one. Here’s week two.

Even with all of this positivity, our “New normal” of doing everything that we do in a different location has yielded some new and interesting cultural foibles in the EC Community. We thought today would be a good day to share those with the extended community by introducing a new game: Remote Learning BINGO!

Here’s how you play:
Simply print the playing card below. Position it near your screen and go about your day as normal. As you encounter the experiences indicated on the card, mark them off to see if you can get five consecutive boxes! Parents- bonus points if you can score a BINGO during work!

So, without further delay, here’s the official EC BINGO card:


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