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April 1, Only a year after Eastern Christian School rebranded with a new, logo featuring the school’s Eagle mascot, New Jersey’s oldest and largest Christian School is at it again. But this time, a long-time staple of the Eastern Christian brand will be significantly altered. Say goodbye to the Eagles. Say hello to the Beagles.

That’s right: the EC mascot and logo now center on the Eastern Christian Beagles. After a comprehensive market study, the leadership of Eastern Christian determined that the Beagle would be the most effective and unique way to portray our Christian school community to the world.


So why “Beagles?” Here are the major points of emphasis in the rebrand:

  • Dogs are among the most intelligent, loyal, and friendly beasts in the animal kingdom. Those attributes perfectly describe the EC Community.
  • Beagles have a great sense of smell, and through our top 50 Christian High Schools in America ranking and new Variable Tuition program, EC families know how to sniff out a great school and a great value.
  • Like EC, Beagles are winners. Miss P, a Beagle, won Best in Show at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (video below).
  • Since “BEAGLES” is only one letter off of our traditional mascot “EAGLES,” the re-brand will be a remarkably cost effective process where we can simply slide the letter “B” in front of all text “eagles” references. We considered “Eastern Christian Bagels” for the similar reasons, but with the prevalence of bagels in northern New Jersey, we had concerns that our school might be mistaken for a deli.
  • As a cute and cuddly mascot, the Beagle will interface very favorably with Google’s newly launched Google Panda. By maximizing Google Panda’s cuteness algorithm through EC’s new Beagle/cuteness matrix, our SEO is projected to increase 10-fold.

Beagle Links:

  • Prospective families: interested in running with our pack? Click here to apply now.
  • For much more information on the Beagle re-brand, please visit “Beagle Central,” our new web-presence for all things EC Beagles. #BarkEC!

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