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About Our High School Program

Accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges and approved by the New Jersey Department of Education, Eastern Christian High School offers a strong college preparatory program as well as for general and business programs for students going immediately to careers. State certified instructors teach their subjects from a Christian perspective.

Well qualified instructors teach their subjects from a Christian perspective. Students are constantly challenged to put their faith into action. The “Faith in Action” program is one such project that requires students who enter High School to volunteer time for community service. 

Parents and students applying will want to bear in mind that the atmosphere is distinctively and purposely Christian and that the course work is stimulating, challenging and rigorous.




  • Four years of pre-college preparation in English, Math, Science and Social Studies
  • Project Acceleration partnership with Seton Hall University. Students can earn up to 33 college credits while in high school.
  • Foreign languages: Spanish and French
  • Elective courses in Business, Art, Bible, Social Studies, English, and Science
  • Outstanding music programs: Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Honors Choir
  • Resource Room for students who need individual assistance
  • 40-minute non-graded learning period (SOAR) 4 days per week for non-traditional learning, remediation, and student leadership opportunities

Extra Curricular