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Eastern Christian School teaches technology throughout the entire curriculum. It is a tool we use to learn more about any and every subject.

As we use technology to more fully explore God’s world, we also strive to master it. We master technology by thinking critically about how we use it in our everyday lives, and we master technology by learning the skills needed to use it efficiently and effectively. We call this technological literacy.

Eastern Christian High School’s Business and Technology Department offers classes that are electives from a variety of fields. Our overarching goal is to teach professional skills using professional tools. Students will learn the software, as well as the “soft skills,” needed to succeed in their field whether at college or in the workplace. They will work, whenever possible, on real world projects that have an effect on the community. And they will work for the glory of God.

In particular, Eastern Christian offers classes in the following (listed with course title and software/skills learned):

  • Career & Technical Education: developing workplace and leadership skills for all freshmen
  • Financial Literacy: practical financial literacy skills, such as budgeting and checkbook balancing, for all students
  • Computer Programming (Introductory and Advanced): application building with C++ computer language
  • Computer Hardware: computer repair skills with A+ certification
  • Web Design: Internet design skills with HTML language and Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Graphic Design: print design skills with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Design Technology (Introductory and Advanced): AutoCAD for architecture and engineering.
  • Web Multimedia: web design with CSS language & Adobe Flash
  • Web Development: web programming with PHP
  • Media Literacy: advertising and video skills with Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects
  • Journalism: writing and producing a student newspaper with Adobe InDesign
  • Yearbook: writing and producing a student yearbook with Adobe InDesign