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Work / Internship Program




What is WINGS?

WINGS is a work/internship program designed to give students real world experience for school credit.  In addition to exploring a trade or skill, students will have access to upper management mentoring to gain a better sense of how their chosen industry is overseen.

What benefits will EC students see from our WINGS program?

PROVERBS 9:9 – Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.
At Eastern Christian we believe that God has blessed with you with skills and we are partnering with a community of business leaders willing to help you develop that diverse range of skills. 
We seek to empower students with a vision of godly leadership while equipping them with marketable skills. There is a wide range of fields to choose from.  Construction.  Programming / IT.   Marketing.  Design.  Medical/dental.  Legal.  Journalism and many more.

Who can participate? What is the criteria for admission into the WINGS program?

We are currently focusing on Juniors and Seniors as it can be beneficial to have a driver’s license.   Students are required to complete a total of 150 hours which includes in the field experience as well as a journal documenting their work.  We will do our best to find an internship that best suits your school schedule.  The application also includes a letter of recommendation from a teacher and from another party for whom you held some responsibility.

How will the WINGS program prepare students for their future?

Students enrolled in WINGS will gain experience in a trade that they can make use of professionally during or after their high school experience.  Students who are pursuing college can add their documented experience and letters of recommendation to their portfolios and college applications.