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Message from the Foundation for Eastern Christian School Executive Director, Suzane (Soo) R. Brown

Eastern Christian School is God’s school. We are a body of believers in a community called here to educate the students entrusted to us. They have been gifted to us as their parents, educators, staff, grandparents, friends, and supportive businesses. 

I’m thankful to be in a position of both an EC mom wanting the best Christ-centered education for my children, and also a staff member who sees the behind-the-scenes needs, hard work, and commitment of the school. We all care about excellence in academics from a biblical lens and the worldview of His truth. 

To accomplish this, we need a true partnership between the school and each of our families to help us to succeed. In my role and calling, I am inviting you to come alongside our mission. We need your support to make sure that EC has the resources necessary to be successful in our mission of over 125 years and for years to come. 

My prayerful desire is to foster a sincere culture of generosity at Eastern Christian School. I understand that each of us are in different seasons and situations. Can you prayerfully commit to partner with us where you’re able? The three T’s:

  1. Time – Will you volunteer and support the school with your time to meet our various needs, such as being a room parent, fundraising event volunteer, PTO member, or with recess supervision?
  2. Treasure – Will you support us financially with the means that the Lord has blessed upon you with? Whether your gift is $10 or $10,000, stock donations or workplace matching gifts, ultimately it is the Lord’s money and we trust that He will meet our needs with your contribution. We’re so thankful for your faith in His provision, which led to your support and sacrifice.
  3. Talent – Will you share your skills, talents, and spiritual giftings with us? We welcome your hospitality, encouragement, and also professional skills or business resources that you can offer. 

In addition to the T’s, the most powerful is ultimately your prayers. Can you commit to PRAY consistently for our school, our staff, our students and their families, that His will would be done and that our decisions would always be Christ centered? We serve a mighty God who bends down to hear us.

Since 1892, individuals, families, and businesses have been making a quality, Christ-centered education accessible. Thank you for your heart of generosity to help EC remain a school that glorifies our Lord and Savior. As the body of Christ, we are to work together with our different giftings and resources so please know what every effort- every sacrifice- whether time, treasure, or talent- they all benefit our students and school. 

Thank you again for your prayerful support!

Soo Brown

Soo Brown

Executive Director of the Foundation for Eastern Christian School

Soo Brown

Executive Director of the Foundation for Eastern Christian School

Start Date: 2021

Education: B.A. Environmental Studies & Sociology, St. Lawrence University
M.P.A. Nonprofit Management (pending), New York University, Wagner School of Public Service


Soo and her husband Dave have two daughters, Elyse and Kaelyn, both attending the EC elementary school. She joined Eastern Christian as Executive Director of the Foundation after taking a break from her previous role as the Executive Director and Head of U.S. Philanthropy at Morgan Stanley. Soo also has served in a variety of volunteer roles including on the leadership team at the Center for Faith and Work at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, on the Board of Trustees at the Korean American Community Foundation, on the Board of Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals, and as Founder and Ministry Co-leader of the Morgan Stanley Christian Network. Soo grew up in Norwood and her family now resides in Hawthorne.


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