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During the school year, Eastern Christian School offers a variety of enrichment opportunities beyond the school day as well as childcare for EC students.


Before School Care

Before Care is available daily beginning at 7 a.m. at both the Midland Park and Wyckoff campuses. The program is open to EC students in preschool through grade 8. Learn more…


After School Care & Clubs

Daily After School Care & Clubs are open to students in preschool through grade 8. Age appropriate clubs begin after the school day ends and rotate several times through the year. Clubs are themed and there is at least one club available each day. Possible clubs include STEM activities, art club, baking or cooking, debate club, coding, drama activities, musical theater or acting, and various sports skills training. After Care begins once club time is done and provides a safe and caring environment for your children. Learn more…



Contact Information
Kelsi Bailey

Kelsi Bailey

STEAM & Horizons Teacher, Extended Day Coordinator, Girls JV Volleyball Coach

Kelsi Bailey

STEAM & Horizons Teacher, Extended Day Coordinator, Girls JV Volleyball Coach

Start Date: 2021


I grew up in Florida, where I discovered my lifelong interests of playing volleyball, reading, writing, and working with kids. I moved to New York for college and found new exciting things to add to my interests, like hiking in the mountains, playing intricate board games, and going on adventure trips with my husband and my friends. I now live in New York with my husband and our kitten, Goose, where we spend our days working, volunteering at our church, reading, playing games, learning how to make new recipes, and finding coffee shops to sit in.

I went to Nyack College to study Education with a concentration in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and graduated with my degree. I knew that God was leading me to teach, but I had no idea about all the different contexts of teaching that God would bring me through! I taught first grade for two years in a private Christian school, while also co-leading the children’s ministry and youth ministry at our church. I then spent six months at the YMCA, assisting students in their online schooling and leading programs in how to use virtual learning platforms. I then heard about the available position here at EC, and having heard from my husband – Stephen Bailey, the Bible teacher at ECHS – about the type of culture and working environment that was kept at EC, I felt led by God to pursue this position!

At Eastern Christian, I have heard and seen firsthand the level of care and intentionality that permeates the culture and environment – starting at the top with the school leadership that is directed towards the teachers, who are then able to pass it on to their students. To work and serve in a place that treats each person as reflecting the image of our holy God is a concept that I know will help each student learn their own worth and value as ascribed to them by God, and that is something I am extremely passionate about.


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