International Students

Student Life

Eastern Christian schools offer many opportunities for students to be involved in athletics, academic competition, student government, drama and the visual arts.

  • International students are encouraged to be involved in athletics and are well-represented on our teams.  (Eastern Christian Athletics)

  • We offer a broad selection of courses in the visual arts including ceramics, painting, drawing, printing and design, graphic design, and sculpture.  Some examples of student work can be found here:  (Art Portfolio)

  • Student Government is strong and students have opportunities to serve on Class Council, Student Senate and the Student Advisory Group.

  • Other opportunities, such as the Debate Team, the Academic Team and the Math Club offer students the chance to pursue academic interests.

Eastern Christian offers a vibrant International Student Life program.  We believe that the presence of international students enhances the school community for everyone.  All international student life activities include American student ambassadors who have applied and been chosen to participate with international students.  This program is intentional in its efforts to provide a rich social and cultural education for all students.  (International Student Life Photo Gallery)

Events Include:

  • International Food Festival with foods from around the world

  • Gym Night with basketball, badminton, volleyball, and jump-rope

  • Bowling

  • New York City at Christmas with ice-skating

  • Valentine’s Day Dance

  • KoreaTown trip

  • ChinaTown trip

  • Chinese New Year Celebration

International students and American student ambassadors are also invited to participate in trips over Christmas and spring breaks.  Recent trips have included skiing in the mountains over Christmas break and a trip to Disneyworld in Florida for Spring Break.