High School

Clubs and Activities

2017-2018 School Year

EC High School Campus offers many clubs and activities for our students. Below, you will find general information regarding these opportunities. For more detailed information, see the contact person for the club or email the staff advisor.

Math Club

  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • This club operates all school year long
  • This club membership is not limited
  • This club meets on Tuesdays but will switch to Thursdays in room 104 during SOAR.

This club is perfect for anyone with a passion for math. Even if a student is not ready for competition, they can learn math skills that are not covered in regular classes. Our meetings are generally used to practice for the next competition. Members should have the strength of higher level mathematical thinking, and some competitions will be limited to the highest performing members.

For more information, please see the Math Club Captain Jack Li, or Faculty Sponsor Eric Boonstra. He can usually be found in room 307 before and after school, and in room 403 during lunch. (ericboonstra@easternchristian.org)

Open Doors Fortify!

  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • This club operates all year long
  • This club membership is limited to 15 students
  • This club meets Mondays during SOAR in room 208

More than 200 million Christians face daily persecution for their faith. Come learn about, pray for, and directly support the persecuted church by partnering with Open Doors. Activities include writing letters to specific Christians in persecuted countries, as well as letters to government on behalf of Christians. Students in Open Doors Fortify should have a willingness to help the persecuted church and basic writing skill for writing letters. For more info about Open Doors Fortify at large: www.opendoorsusa.orgIf you have questions about this club, please see Faculty Sponsor Mrs Genuario Email: leahgenuario@easternchristian.org


Yearbook Executive Board

  • Admission is limited to yearbook students (and is now closed)
  • This club operates all year long
  • This club membership is limited to 4 students
  • This club meets at lunch

This club is directly linked to yearbook / publishing class and is only open to students in this group. Selection of the board is by application, and applicants should have strong leadership skills. Members of this club serve as section editors and as a business manager for the yearbook. For more information, see our Yearbook Faculty Teacher and Sponsor, Leah Genuario. Email: leahgenuario@easternchristian.org

Class Councils

  • Each class has it’s own Class Council.
  • Admission is open to all students
  • These councils operates all year long
  • Membership is approximately 15-20 students per council
  • These councils meet at lunch every other Wednesday

Class Council members are selected based on applications which are handed out the first week of school, and are due back during the second week of school. Class Council exists to create events that serve both students within Eastern Christian and outside of the school. Any student who desires to be a part of creating community within the school and has a passion for helping others through service events should apply.  In senior year, all accepted class council members are also required to help plan and execute select senior events. For more information, see the Head Class Sponsor for each class:

9th Grade – Mrs Alisa Engelhard, email alisaengelhard@easternchristian.org
10th Grade – Ms Belen Araneda, email belenaraneda@easternchristian.org
11th Grade – Ms Elizabeth Van Ryn, email elizabethvanryn@easternchristian.org
12th Grade – Ms Lindsay Pedersen, email lindsaypedersen@easternchristian.org

Student Senate

  • Admission is open to students in grades 10 through 12
  • The Senate meets all year long
  • Membership is 12 students
  • The Senate meets every other Wednesday at lunch in room 305

The Student Senate provides oversight and leadership for student life and meets two times a month during lunch. Students plan school-wide events and help promote collaboration among the four Class Councils. Admission is by application, and applications are distributed and collected in the spring for the following school year. Interested candidates should have a passion for leadership and a proven track record of responsibility. For more information, See Principal Intelkofer who can be found in his office, or outside the front doors before school. Email davidintelkofer@easternchristian.org

Musical & Drama Productions

  • Admission is open to all students (50-100 students typically participate in each production)
  • Each year ECHS presents one musical production and one drama (play)
  • Fall production rehearsals begin in September with shows in November
  • Spring production rehearsals begin in January with shows in March

Most rehearsals are held after school and involvement in productions does sometimes mean students will forego other opportunities. See Mrs Okma for details.

Productions at ECHS are STUDENT productions. All actors, musicians, crew (stage, tech, costume, make up, design, construction) members are students. Working together these students create productions that are presented to the ECSA community. The production team will make sure that all students are placed according to their skills and strengths. Our productions have room for actors, singers, dancers, as well as behind-the-scenes talent in stage management, costuming, and set design to name a few. Auditions are held for stage rolls, and applications may be received for other involvement. At least one of our productions each year is no-cut meaning that we will find a way for every interested student to be involved. For more information contact our director, Jane Okma. She can be found in room 305 before school, during SOAR, during lunch. After school she can be found in 305 or in the auditorium. Email: janeokma@easternchristian.org

Chapel Tech Team

  • Students in grades 10 through 12 are welcome to apply
  • Chapel Tech Team meets all year during Chapel on Wednesdays
  • Membership is limited to 6-10 students

Chapel Tech works skillfully behind the scenes to support the Worship Team with any audio/visual needs so that God is glorified during Chapel. We strive to be invisible – we know that we are doing our job well if no one notices we are there. Anyone interested needs to be willing to learn and take direction, think under pressure, and be responsible to take good care of the equipment. Applications are accepted in the spring for the following school year. Mrs. Rudd can usually be found in the Media Center. Contact her with questions or to see where you might fit onto the team. Email: ruthrudd@easternchristian.org

National Honor Society

  • Membership is limited to students in 11th and 12th grade
  • Membership is unlimited
  • NHS meets all year long
  • NHS meets at different times, often during lunch and in evenings, or as requested.

This is a nationally recognized society that universities recognize for students with outstanding achievements in 4 specific pillars. The process is fully explained to invited students each September. The best thing for students to do to prepare themselves is to maintain a high GPA, remain in competitive courses and to focus on the 4 pillars. The 4 pillars that the students are inducted based upon are: Character, Academics, Leadership and Service. Students will be invited after a series of requirements are met. They cannot request entrance. For more information, speak to any of our NHS Faculty Sponsors.

Mrs Dawn Heerema, email dawnheerema@easternchristian.org
Mr Jim Uitermarkt, email jamesuitermarkt@easternchristian.org
Mr Ryan Dykstra, email ryandykstra@easternchristian.org

Timothy Group Leader

  • Membership is limited to 22 members
  • Members must be in 11th grade (but apply in 10th)
  • Timothy Group Leaders meet for training in spring of 10th grade and meet with groups fall of 11th grade. They also meet during SOAR or lunch once a week
  • Membership is by application. The application is available during late February and early March of sophomore year

Timothy Group Leaders are students who mentor a small group of Freshmen for the first 10 weeks of school and help them make the adjustment to high school. TGLs are leaders with integrity, organized, spiritual leaders, & socially comfortable. See Mrs Visser with your questions. She can be found in the College & Career Office after school most days. Email: paigevisser@easternchristian.org

Transition Mentor

  • Typically, we have 5-10 mentors but fluctuates based on need
  • Members are in 10th through 12th grade
  • Mentors are selected based on application. Applications are available on Realtime in late February or early March.
  • Mentors don’t have meetings. Instead, they meet directly with incoming transfer students.

Transition Mentors meet with new students are help them make the transition to a new school. They discuss Realtime, clubs, sports, rules, etc. and so, they should have a good knowledge about the rules and things happening at EC. See Mrs Visser with your questions. She can be found in the College & Career Office after school most days. Email: paigevisser@easternchristian.org

German Club

  • Typically about 20 members
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • German Club meets on Tuesdays during SOAR all year
  • Sign up when you sign up for SOAR

Come to German Club to practice German and learn about German culture with others who love Germany. Members should have an interest in the German language and culture. For more information, see Mrs Lindemulder in room 108. Email: manuelalindemulder@easternchristian.org

French Club

  • Typically about 20 members
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • French Club meets on Tuesdays during SOAR all year
  • Sign up when you sign up for SOAR

Come to French Club to practice French and learn about French culture with others who love France. Members should have an interest in the French language and culture. For more information, see Mrs Lindemulder in room 108. Email: manuelalindemulder@easternchristian.org

Debate Club

  • Membership is currently unlimited
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Debate Club meets during SOAR on Tuesdays in Room 304 all year
  • Sign up when you sign up for SOAR

Debate club allows students to express their own views, and hear differing views, on contemporary issues on a national, state, local, and school level. They learn how to use facts to support their perspectives, while also recognizing the effects of personal experiences and emotions. Students also learn to listen to one another closely and respect each member’s stance, while together engaging in discernment. Meetings usually focus on one topic chosen together the previous week so students have time to prepare what they want to discuss. There is no application process, but Debate Club is for students who are open, respectful of differences, attentive listeners, and passionate about contemporary issues. For more information see Club Leaders Matt Kuiken and Leslie Bond. Faculty Sponsor Ms Van Ryn can usually be found before and after school in room 304. Email: elizabethvanryn@easternchristian.org

Astronomy Club

  • Membership is limited to 25 students
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Astronomy meets during SOAR on Fridays all year long
  • Sign up when you sign up for SOAR

Each week we learn something new about our universe. This consists of watching videos, discussing theories, or even building model rockets. We hope to have a class trip to a planetarium this year. To participate, bring your curiosity for our universe! For more information, see Club Leaders Tyler Onove and Matt Kuiken, Faculty Sponsor Eric Boonstra in room 307 before and after school, and 403 during lunch. Email: ericboonstra@easternchristian.org

Robotics Club

  • Membership is around 15-20 students
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Robotics meets Mondays & Wednesdays 3:15-5:00 & Saturdays 9-11 in Room 405.
  • Applications are taken at the start of the school year and are closed about 2 weeks after school is in session.

Robotics Club participates in FIRST Robotics, a worldwide competitive robotics league. Each year, we build a robot to meet a specific challenge. Each member has a unique role, and meetings are very energetic, with jobs being completed in all sorts of areas. Robotics Club has jobs for students interested in engineering and coding, but also business management, website design, video production, social media, and more! For more info, talk to Facutly Sponsors Mrs K Rudd and Mr Steen. Mr Steen can be found in room 405 after school.

Emails: timsteen@easternchristian.org or kristenrudd@easternchristian.org

Art Club

  • Membership is limited to 24 students
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Art Club meets Tuesdays during SOAR (or during lunch for those in Music) in the basement room 01 all year long
  • Admission is by application. Applications can be obtained from our club leaders or facilitating teachers. Applications should be completed by the first month of each semester.

The Art Club members will be working on personal projects, collaborative murals, and competitions. Students will be required to attend all SOAR meetings or bi-monthly lunch meetings for those involved in the music program. One personal art project is required for an art contest of choice. Students are to be involved in a group/community art project as well as participating in an art project committee until the project is completed. Those who apply should be seriously interested in art or serious about getter better at making it. For more information, see Club Leaders Juliana Struyk or Steve Blanco, or Faculty Sponsors Mr Wright or Mrs Aceino. Emails: jessewright@easternchristian.org or donnaaceino@easternchristian.org

Anchored Bible Study

  • Membership to Anchored is unlimited
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Anchored meets Mondays during SOAR in room 304
  • All members must be GIRLS

Anchored focuses on relationships, and we spend the first few weeks building relationships among members so that girls are comfortable with one another and trust each other. Then, we spend each week discussing various relatable topics (or having a guest speaker) and applying the Word to our own lives. We also have other events such as lock-ins, service projects, and informal hangouts to help build community. Anchored is for GIRLS only who want to grow both in their relationship with Christ, as well as their relationships with their peers. Members should be respectful, open to others, and passionate about how to be a godly teenage girl in our school and society. For more information, see Club Leader Rebekah Parker, or Faculty Sponsor Liz Van Ryn in room 304. Email elizabethvanryn@easternchristian.org

MC Makers

  • Membership to MC Makers is unlimited
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • MC Makers meets during SOAR
  • Just sign up for SOAR and see if it’s a good fit for you!

The MC Makers club exists to make our Media Center better and for it to become the place where students want to be. What idea do you have and want to implement to make the MC better – ex. organize a club fair, choose new books, work on the MC website, etc. What we do is up to you! Members should be willing to contribute ideas and time outside of SOAR, and to work with others. For more information, see Faculty Sponsor Mrs R Rudd in the Media Center. Email: ruthrudd@easternchristian.org

Leadership Clinic

  • Membership will be limited to around 25 students
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Leadership Clinic meets Thursdays during SOAR all year long
  • Sign up for SOAR to be in the group

Leadership Clinic seeks to empower leaders in classrooms, clubs and in future careers with strategies to be stronger leaders. Mrs Heerema will walk students through the Bill Hybels book, “Leading From Here to There” and the “5 Dysfunctions of Teams”. Students will be asked to implement these skills into leadership positions and report back to the club frequently. For information, see Faculty Sponsor Mrs Heerema in basement room 11 during the school day. Email: dawnheerema@easternchristian.org

Worship Arts: Chapel Band

  • Membership is unlimited
  • All grades are welcome to participate
  • Chapel Band meets irregularly. There is a once or twice a month Team Hangout afternoon that is mandatory for all members. Bands meet to rehearse each week, usually before school, for each chapel.
  • Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester. Pay attention to Block 2 announcements for more information on auditions.

Worship Arts: Chapel Band provides weekly worship during our Wednesday morning chapel services. Our goal as a team is to create an environment of worship that invites God to meet with His people and people to meet with their God. We serve our community through our leadership, but we play and sing first and foremost as worship to the Lord because He is worthy of it yesterday, today, and forever. Interested students need to be musically gifted and dedicated to serve with a heart of a worship to be a part of the Worship Arts: Chapel Band team. For more information, see Faculty Sponsors Ms Sankey, Ms Araneda, or Mrs DeJulia. Email: rebekahsankey@easternchristian.org, belenaraneda@easternchristian.org, or annadejulia@easternchristian.org