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Thanks so much for your willingness to provide us with timely and helpful feedback in the survey that we distributed yesterday. Families of over 300 students provided us with words of encouragement and suggestions for improvement. We heard appreciation for . . .


  • “The teacher did such a great job leading morning meetings with so many little ones and providing us with some great resources. We’re so thankful for the teachers and all of the effort they put into preparing for remote learning. Thank you!”
  • “Teachers and staff responded very quickly to questions! Appreciated that the specials teachers, and principal were present during a few morning meetings. It’s important that students get a chance to see all their teachers/leaders throughout this process.”
  • “Teachers were very well prepared and organized. Both of my children had a full day’s worth of work and were able to complete it within the hours of a “typical school day.”
  • “I loved being able to “peek” into classrooms and hear the way teachers talk with my kids. Teachers shared their hearts, their lives, their space etc this week with kids. Having structure to the day is good. Checking in at the beginning and having a little time to just hear conversations between students and teachers is a nice way for kids to stay connected.”


  • “I am blown away by the preparation and planning by the entire EC community for this online learning. Everything has been extremely well-thought out with great attention to detail. Even the internet safety sheet that was sent out shows remarkable forethought for our children. I think it is great that they have a morning meeting to see their teacher and friends. It is also wonderful that next week they will have a 10 min one-on-one meeting with the teacher. All activities are very age appropriate and the requirements are very reasonable. The technology is incredible, especially considering the fact that the school did not have that much time to put it together. We are so very blessed to have our son at this school!!!”
  • “It was a blessing to hear the excitement of my daughter and her classmates as they sang along with their teacher.”
  • “My child loves seeing her teacher and friends on the computer. She wakes up early to dress and prepare for her morning time with them.”


  • “Synchronous learning was a huge asset! Work on websites and teacher tutorials to follow along have been excellent!”
  • “Google Classroom is very easy to use! There were plenty of online resources available, accompanied with login instructions and passwords. Content of the work seemed appropriate; not just “fluff”.”
  • “I have yet to find anyone who’s sudden voyage into Remote Learning has been as smooth, well prepared, and communicated!”


  • “In every class there is time for prayer and prayer requests and that stood out to her. She says the teachers care about how smoothly things are going on both sides and are always there to help.”
  • “The love, care and support of the EC family is beyond amazing! During this difficult time of change and uncertainty, the administration, teachers and support staff has made this process seamless! You all are to be commended! God has shown favor over EC because of your faith and commitment to Him, your students and one another! Well done!!!!”

The educational leadership met this morning to review your feedback and make adjustments in several areas for the weeks ahead. You can expect to hear more from your campus administrator early next week regarding any changes that we hope will better serve the needs of your family.

We will continue to get parent feedback on a regular basis. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement, patience and gracious partnership as we navigate the uncharted territory ahead of us!

Ruth Kuder

By: Ruth Kuder

Ruth Kuder is the Executive Director & Head of School of Eastern Christian School

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