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In a meeting this spring, a group of educators and administrators from throughout the nation visited our campuses to review and recommend Eastern Christian School for re-accreditation to Middle States Accreditation and first-time accreditation to the Christian Schools International Accreditation Commission.

The visiting team unanimously recommended the school for accreditation, as well as recommended the school for endorsement in its international student program and educational support services. The full list of its commendations are reprinted here:

  • “The school is to be commended for intentionally modeling the body of Christ by embracing a diverse population: teachers, learners, families, churches, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Eastern Christian is to be commended for providing a Christ-centered school focused on academic excellence and faith formation. Parents, students, teachers, and board members reiterated their appreciation for the godly atmosphere, nurturing care, and supportive culture exemplified at Eastern Christian.
  • The current Head of School is noted for her passion for Christian education, exceptional leadership, humble and personable approach, godly lifestyle, and supportive guidance. The Head of School has notably assembled and currently leads an outstanding administrative leadership team who clearly have shared values and communicated goals.
  • Teachers and staff have cultivated a classroom culture that is characterized by a community of learners who are known, respected, cared for and loved.
  • Eastern Christian is committed to the education of covenant children. Students with a variety of needs are included in the EC family as they train them to be productive and transformative members of the body of Christ.
  • Eastern Christian demonstrates a commitment to excellence as noted in facilities that are maximized for student learning, innovative funding streams, academic rigor and a culture of teacher growth and collaboration.
  • From the admissions standards (entrance) to the graduate profile (exit), and everything in between, EC has as its central focus a desire to empower students to be transforming agents for Christ in a global community. Parents and students stated that it is evident that the school community seeks to be like Jesus.”

Eastern Christian School is, at its core, a community of believers who rely on God’s faithfulness and work toward the same mission of providing excellence in Christian education. We are grateful to receive this affirmation of our mission and vision.  

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