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Jean Italien, varsity basketball player and a senior at Eastern Christian, hops on the Chestnut Ridge bus shortly before 7 to arrive at school around 7:40. It is a longer drive than most students, he acknowledges, but for him, the drive from New York to EC is worth it.

“The bus driver is really nice and they care about bringing us to school,” he says. “And I don’t regret going to EC at all even though there’s a drive. I’ve gotten a lot closer in my faith and the whole environment is good. My old school had 8 classes a day, lasting about 30 minutes, and teachers didn’t care about the kids. Here there are dedicated teachers.”

Eastern Christian currently hosts 14 students who travel via NY bus to Eastern Christian School. They come from three school districts: Ramapo/Suffern Central, East Ramapo & Nyack. Working differently than NJ, NY law provides free busing for all non-public school students, as long as the student is within a certain mileage from the school.

For NY students, the process is handled by the local board of ed.

For more information on NY State law, please see Transportation for students enrolled in nonpublic schools


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