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For many, a stroll through the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a bit of culture seems like a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I honestly feel that a walk through the Middle School this past Thursday evening was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of music and art. Students brought their family members for a showing of the creativity they had been working on. While the majority of the work was done in Art class, other classes displayed various forms of learning that were artwork, as well. For example, drawings done in fifth grade Bible class depicted our theme verse, sixth graders displayed WWI Wheels from their history lessons, and eighth graders’ posters illustrated comprehension of their reading of The Outsiders.

The bright colors of the quilted printmaking posters, whimsical shapes of clay creations, and string art designs were just a few of the pieces of artwork on display. Art teacher, Jaci Turner has done a fantastic job of introducing students to a variety of artists and types of work throughout the year to “Encourage students to be confident in their work and enjoy the creative process.” Jaci shared that it is her goal to “Equip students with the knowledge of different materials and certain techniques in order for them to gain confidence and thus feel prepared to make their own creative decisions and embrace the freedom they are given.”

Personally, this is one of my favorite middle school events because it is an opportunity to admire and celebrate the  students’ creativity. Recently, I walked into the eighth grade Art class to take some yearbook photos and was blown away by the ceiling tiles students had painted with reproductions of famous artwork; Van Gogh’s Starry Night was right here in Wyckoff! Additional highlights of the evening were the live cello, piano, and vocal performances. Our students truly are talented, and God has certainly blessed them with creative abilities!

A big thank you to Jaci for allowing our kids to get messy while creating some fabulous pieces of art. Another thank you goes to Lynda Vincenti and several of her PTO mothers who did all of the work in setting up our own art museum.

Liesl Botbyl

By: Liesl Botbyl

Liesl Botbyl is the 4th-8th Grade STEAM Teacher and 8th Grade Science Teacher on EC's Wyckoff Campus.

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