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Welcome to the 3B: The Brochure Breakdown Blog series. In this recurring blog series, we consider all 9 topics in the newly released Eastern Christian School Brochure. We consider how each topic helps us tell our story.

EC_Brochure_06_600The “3 Campuses. One School” page of the EC Brochure.
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Let the Campuses Speak

At Eastern Christian, we recently rebranded. We wrote a Herald article about this (read more here). When you go through a rebrand, you are trying to discover the best possible way to tell your story. In that process, you scrutinize over every detail of your message: your name, your logo, your tagline, etc. We came through the rebrand very confident that our name, “Eastern Christian School,” carried both historical significance and relevance into the future. We were intentional about keeping the name, and about that name being in the singular.

In other words, we are not “Eastern Christian Schools” (plural), we are “Eastern Christian School” (singular). While we have 3 campuses on 38 acres of beautiful Northern New Jersey land, we are one school.

So when we developed this page of the Eastern Christian brochure, we loved the idea of letting the campuses speak. Throw in a few drone shots on a pristine fall day, and we’ve got a beautiful “center spread” for our feature marketing piece!

If our campuses are speaking, what are they saying? Our campuses speak to our history and resources. Eastern Christian is an excellent, established, Christian education. You can see that just by looking at our facilities and grounds.


What Does “One School” Mean?

What does “One School” mean? It means that our students have the advantage of consistent philosophy of education from ages 3 through 18. It means that teachers collaborate across the curriculum and across the grade levels to provide the best possible education. It means that we make decisions as one school – not as 3 different campuses.

And while we resisted the temptation to make a Trinitarian comparison of the “3-yet-1,” that remains a cool thought!


Busing: It’s All About Access

While we were talking about campus location, it made sense to address the locations of our bus stops. Busing is yet another example of an “under the radar” program at Eastern Christian. So many schools farm out busing, or simply require parents to deal with transportation. Not at Eastern Christian – where access to Christian education to a diverse range of Christian families is so ingrained in our DNA, that we even focus on how our students will get to and from school. Christian bus drivers help us fulfill our mission of a distinctly Christian experience throughout your child’s entire EC experience! That map is the physical manifestation of Eastern Christian’s commitment to accessibility.

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