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Kindergarten at EC – Starting Off on the Right Foot

D04C3798Every success in life starts with a solid foundation, and a successful education is no exception. To some, the kindergarten classroom at Eastern Christian School may look like a fun zone, where kids engage in hands-on activities and play with their peers. But there’s so much more than fun taking place. Inside our walls, every child is being prepared for their academic future and beyond. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. Our caring, nurturing teachers understand the importance of developing each student academically, socially and spiritually, recognizing the vital link between each. We also understand the unique needs of every student, and offer both half and full-day kindergarten programs, allowing each family to choose what is best for their child. Successful schooling requires a strong start, and we are committed to ensuring your child starts on the right foot.







It can be easy to overlook the value of an academically excellent Kindergarten program. But what may seem like simple games and activities are in fact the cornerstones of a lifetime of learning. At Eastern Christian, our curriculum is carefully crafted to make the most of this critical time for young minds. During the first years of education, students take in new information at an incredible rate, and our kindergarten program is designed to take full advantage of this period of intellectual growth. While it may seem simple, our teachers are committed to giving your child a head start in their academic career.

Spiritual Development

At Eastern Christian School, we believe that an education without a strong spiritual dimension is an incomplete education. Daily devotions and Bible lessons integrate an understanding of the Creator into students’ learning, with spiritual and academic growth working hand-in-hand. We recognize the Bible as the inspired word of God, and consider it an irreplaceable part of the Eastern Christian experience. Weekly chapel services are held as well, giving students an opportunity to worship and learn in fellowship with their peers.

Extracurricular Opportunities

In establishing a student’s educational foundation, it is important to include a wide range of learning opportunities. Eastern Christian kindergarten students can participate in several extracurricular activities, helping them develop skills that improve their academics and enrich their lives. Extracurricular opportunities include:

  • Bi-weekly computer classes to establish skills with essential technology.
  • Weekly music classes to explore melody, rhythm, form, expression, timbre, texture, and harmony in the God-given gift of music.
  • Bi-weekly Library class in our Media Center, designed to develop a love for reading through exposure to a variety of genres and authors.
  • Twice-weekly physical education/health class, during which students work on the development of fine and gross motor skills, physical movement concepts, social skills through play, and a responsible Christian lifestyle.

Get Connected

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