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In a few short days, you will be receiving a survey from Eastern Christian School. The surveys, which will go out to all students, parents and staff members, are part of the accreditation process. Comments and feedback will be used to demonstrate growth over the past few years to our accreditation bodies, as well as analyzed by teams of administrators to determine areas of improvement and strategic planning going forward.

Submitting to an accreditation process is just one way EC strives for excellence. One hundred years ago, the academic institution that would one day become Eastern Christian School received its first accreditation. This distinction is essentially a stamp of approval from an outside governing body that proves the school is following and achieving a set of performance standards.

The school has been accredited since 1923, but this year the cycle includes a new milestone: for the first time, pursuit of dual accreditation, Middle States and Christian Schools International.  

In spring 2022, EC’s initial application was approved by CSI and CSI completed its first site visit to the school. The evaluation process will continue until a final site visit in Spring 2024.

According to Liesl Botbyl, accreditation team leader, CSI will be evaluating the school based on four standards: Leading with a purpose, teaching for learning, leading for learning and learning for community. The team has been assembling documents, interviews, survey data, policies and other documentation to demonstrate evidence of completion.

The Middle States accreditation process, which is happening in tandem to the CSI accreditation, traditionally incorporates three goals determined by the school. Goals are gleaned from stakeholder survey results. In the most recent cycle, which ends in 2024, the focus has been on character, global competence and strategic planning.

Head of school Ruth Kuder says, “accreditation provides us with a regular opportunity to collect feedback from all of our community members and to use that feedback to create a thoughtful plan for the future.  We want to strive for excellence in all of our endeavors and look forward to finding new ways in which we can do that. It should be our desire to become the best school we can.”

So when you get the survey form, please don’t ignore it! Your voice matters and we will use the information we collect to keep moving forward in our goals of faith, excellence, and partnership with our community.

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