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As a parent, envisioning your child’s future will always be a part of you. Your mind is filled with high hopes about their next steps, and you’re longing for them to grow continuously in their God-given gifts. As high school approaches, you’re searching for a school that will give your teen a fulfilling experience while also preparing them for college and all that comes next.

How do you get your child ready for college? Below, you’ll find the top things to consider in a high school program and how Eastern Christian School supports teens in their academic journey.

Preparing Your Child for College: Things To Look For in a High School Experience

Academics geared toward a college advantage

Many schools will mention having a robust academic program, but it’s important to understand exactly what their curriculum offers and how it will benefit your child.

Look for programs that offer Dual Enrollment and college credit in their course catalog. These programs will equip your teen to:

  • Become familiar with college-level coursework
  • Earn credits before entering a college or university, saving time and money 
  • Stand out in college applications by demonstrating their ability to tackle challenging subjects

Eastern Christian School is a college-prep PreK-12 school equipping students to strive for excellence as they grow into responsible, God-fearing individuals. As a private high school, we offer a diverse range of courses built to help teens navigate their future toward college and beyond.

For students looking to challenge themselves and earn college credit in high school, our Project Acceleration program, in partnership with Seton Hall University, allows students to take courses that align with their interests and future career goals while increasing confidence in their ability to handle college coursework.

Learn how EC equips high school students for success.
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Guidance and mentorship

As your teen actively strives for independence, they’ll still need guidance on refining their path to the college of their choice. Students need support to understand the application process, create capstone projects, and discover majors they’re deeply passionate about.

Eastern Christian School provides diverse opportunities to help high schoolers succeed in their college experience, such as:

  • Academic and College Counseling: Our dedicated mentors provide valuable advice to students throughout their journey in high school, as well as their college and career choices. Students are welcome to consult our supportive team about applying for college or finding a right-fit course, helping them feel confident to pursue the path they wish to take.

Character formation with a biblical lens

In college, your teen may face situations that will test their character. Whether it’s persevering through a challenging course or standing firm in their beliefs in the midst of peer pressure, independent living and college life requires determination, integrity, and faith to succeed.

More than developing strong character, you want your teen to own their faith and the values they’ve learned in your home and at school. At Eastern Christian School, we encourage students to seek biblical truth as they grow their faith. Through chapel, theological learning, service projects, and interactions with role models in our community, we create an intentional, Christ-centered environment.

“I think I have become a way different man than who I was my freshman year. I have always called myself a Christian, but I don’t think I fully made my faith my own until high school. ECHS has provided me a space where I can encounter God in any way I feel comfortable, and it has encouraged me to continue to walk in my faith even after high school.”

Luke, Eastern Christian School Alumni, Class of 2022

Clubs and activities that spark passion and creativity

After middle school, your teen is not only solidifying their academic goals and strengthening their spiritual beliefs but also branching out to discover unique passions. Finding a high school with opportunities in arts, athletics, service, and others will inspire your teen to hone their strengths — allowing them to define the path they’ll choose for college.

How does Eastern Christian School help high schoolers through clubs and activities?

  • SOAR Program: Our Student-Opted Academic Resource (SOAR) period gives teens a self-directed time every week to explore clubs and activities they’re interested in. Students can select from various clubs and activities such as chess, robotics, video production, fly fishing, art club, strategic board games, sign language, fitness center, and more.
  • Athletics: With over 20 high school teams, our award-winning athletics program engages students physically through sports such as soccer, cross country, basketball, tennis, baseball, and others.
  • Technology: The responsible use of technology is woven through the different courses and activities we offer. Eastern Christian School equips teens with classes that teach professional skills in coding, financial literacy, robotics,  graphic design, media production, design technology, and more.

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You understand that environment matters when searching for the right Christian high school to foster your teen’s academic, social, and spiritual development. At Eastern Christian School, we are committed to providing college-prep opportunities in a healthy, Christ-centered learning environment that prepares teens for what comes next.

If you’re ready, we’d be delighted to meet you and your family at our High School Open House on November 16! You’ll have the chance to explore our rigorous academic programs, see our beautiful campus, and meet the faculty and staff who will support your teen. Sign up below and see what your teen’s high school experience could look like at Eastern Christian School.

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