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We believe that the richest curriculum prepares students for the real world. The Eastern Christian graduate is prepared to be a person of Christian vision and influence who seeks to renew all creation for God’s kingdom. It is our goal to produce Christian leaders in every field so that EC graduates can transform the world for Jesus Christ.

Biblical Worldview

A Christian worldview is at the heart of our mission. A worldview is the guiding philosophy through which you interpret reality. A common metaphor for a worldview is a set of glasses: they help the wearer view and interpret the world. At Eastern Christian School, the lense of our worldview glasses is the infallible Word of God. We incorporate our faith into everything that we do.

If you believe, as the Reformed thinker Abraham Kuyper believes, that “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of human existence in which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!’” then every area of study should be seen through the lense of scripture. That’s what we believe- and that’s what we do. This has a dramatic impact on our curriculum and the day-in-day out work that our students do.

Mathematics is a language through which the almighty creator of the universe demonstrates an orderly world. Science is a study of God’s creation and our role in restoring a fallen world. Language arts is a study in how we are to communicate in a way that is excellent and honoring to God. Social studies is the unfolding of God’s plan throughout human history. By incorporating our faith into everything that we do, EC students learn a 360 degree philosophy that allows them to become the graduates that we seek to develop: young men and women of Christian vision and influence who will change the world for the Kingdom of God!

Christian Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are committed Christians. As part of the hiring process, teachers need to provide a pastoral reference and affirm their belief that the Bible is the only infallible rule of faith and practice. They also affirm their support of the three faith confessions that best summarize the basis of the Christian faith taught at Eastern Christian School. While scripture alone is the source of inerrant Truth, these centuries-old confessions help to bring clarity to Christian living and the application of biblical truth to everyday life. They include The Heidleburg Catechism, The Belgic Confession, and the The Canons of Dordt. A teacher’s Christian commitment and ability to integrate faith and learning is part of the interview and demonstration lesson process. Teachers reaffirm these commitments every year when they sign their contracts.

In addition to teaching from a biblical perspective, our teachers are actively discipling students in and out of the classroom.  Mature Christian teachers are helping students navigate disagreements on the playground, conversations in the hallways and friendships in the cafeteria. They are modeling a biblical lifestyle, coaching students on the playing field and serving alongside students on service projects and mission trips. They are the adults who are supporting the biblical values that are being taught at home and in church.

Bible Class

Bible is a required course for grades P-12. Our textbook is the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, EC students learn the unfolding of the Creation/Fall/Redemption/Restoration narrative throughout the entire Bible. We memorize scripture.

Service Learning and Missions

Faith is most concrete when it is put into action. Our students are challenged to live out their faith through age-appropriate service learning opportunities. For our preschoolers, this means an adorable trike-a-thon to help raise money for St. Jude’s childhood cancer research. Elementary school students raise funds to support local ministries. Our middle school Make-a-Difference (MAD) program works in local communities to tackle issues like poverty and disabilities. For our high school students, service learning includes fundraising, local work, or a trip to the other side of the world to address issues of global poverty, education, or human rights.


Chapel is probably our favorite weekly activity. It’s the only time each week that the entire campus is together in the same space. After a time of praise and worship, guest pastors, youth pastors, or EC faculty deliver a Biblical message to the students. Each year, we focus on a specific worship theme that is intended to teach students and to help us draw closer to God through worship. Parents and family friends are welcome to worship with us anytime!


We pray. A lot. Our school was founded in prayer. We started with a prayer, and we’ve never stopped praying. Each day begins with devotions and prayer. We pray before lunch, before athletic competitions, at graduation, in chapel, at practice, in small groups, in the hall, in class, before meetings, and at the end of our day.

The fact that Eastern Christian School is in existence more than 125 years after our founding is not a testament to us. It’s a testament to God and His faithfulness to us. When we pray, we humble ourselves before God, give Him the glory and invite him into our presence. We thank him for his faithfulness to our school community.

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