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Brenna Duffy
Middle School Writing Teacher

Please tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Midland Park, but recently my family has moved to Sussex County. I love to be outside, whether I am hiking, kayaking, or snowboarding! I am also a huge foodie and love to try new recipes myself or find new, unique restaurants! I have always loved to read and am very excited to cultivate a love for reading and writing in the same place I found a love for literature!

How did God bring you to work at EC?
God brought me to work at EC through a series of doors that were opened after much prayer. From being granted a scholarship my junior year of college that allowed me to finish my degree at Calvin University to being a Younglife leader and developing a passion for youth, I can see the hand of God throughout these past few years guiding me to work at Eastern Christian Schools. Having received my B.A. in Writing from Calvin University, I am looking forward to combining my love for youth with my love for literature and writing in my new position.

Why Eastern Christian School?
Eastern Christian prepares students to be agents of shalom on earth by thinking deeply, acting justly, and living wholeheartedly, all while being surrounded by a supportive, Christian community. I have had the privilege of receiving a Christian education for fifteen years and have seen the transformative role teachers, coaches, mentors, and the community, in general, have in preparing students to use their heads, hearts, and hands to bring about shalom on earth. At Eastern Christian, the lens of faith applies to all subjects and components of school like sports, relationships, and behavior. In teaching, learning, athletics, art, and community activities, everything is done to bring glory to God and prepare students to bring about harmony in the world. Eastern Christian prepares students to restore proper relationships with nature, other humans, and God no matter where students find themselves called.

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