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Eastern Christian High School swept this year’s J-Day Competition, an annual competition for high school student journalists around the country, hosted by Ball State University in Indiana. More than 600 entries were received this year, and those selected as winning entries were graded as superior, excellent, and honorable mention. This year, 6 ECHS students won a total of 11 awards, by far the most winning entries this school has received since participating in the annual contest. It is also the first year that more than one student from our school was ranked ‘superior’, which is the most difficult designation to obtain.


Because of contest closing dates, almost all articles and photos were produced in the first semester and were awarded to students who took journalism semester one. Semester two journalism students salute you! Congratulations on a job well done.


Feature Story:

Superior: EC Students Tutoring Kids From War-Torn Regions, Jack Skywalker

Excellent: Life with a purpose: the rewards of working for non-profits, Jack Skywalker


News Story:

Excellent: How the coronavirus impacts international students’ hometowns, Jack Skywalker

Honorable Mention: Battle of the Beards, Rachel Post


Personality Feature:

Superior: The Conversation Mr. Z Wants to Start, Emma Robinson;

Superior: The Little Boy Behind the Fun Run, Rachel Post

Excellent: EC’s first Messianic Jewish teacher, Luke Parker


Opinion Story:

Superior: The awkwardness of grief, Emma Robinson


Website Overall:

Excellent:, Designer: Jack Skywalker


Photography Feature Photo:

Superior: Beautifully Unique, Tara Brain

Honorable Mention: Buildings, Hazel Wang


See the full list of J-Day 2020 Winners

Leah Genuario

By: Leah Genuario

Leah Genuario is the Director of Publications & High School Journalism & Yearbook Teacher.

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