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There have been many math competitions offered at Eastern Christian High School this year.

Among them, EC offered the American Mathematics Competition. EC students could compete for the AMC, which is dubbed “America’s longest-running and most prestigious Math contest.”

Congratulation to year’s ECHS winners who have proven their Math and problem-solving skills!

  • AMC 12A (for 11th and 12th grades test): Will Wen was the first place, Hardy Liu placed the second, and Huizhe Wang won the third place.
  • AMC 10A (for 9th and 10th grades test): Timothy Kim was the first place, Josh Yoon placed the second, and Huizhe Wang won the third place. 

The EC math team also competed in the NJ Math League (NJML). Math team students who won NJML awards have proved themselves to be diligent and hardworking. The NJML competition consists of a series of six tests which students took over a six month period. Among our students, Hardy Liu and Bobby Li have been announced in NJML newsletters for their high scores in a few tests. Combining all the six test scores, ECHS’s top five winners for NJML are Bobby Li, Hardy Liu, Katie Liao, Mark Whittingham, and Timothy Kim.

Our math team was also awarded second place by the American Scholastic Mathematics Association. Bohou Li was recognized as a high scorer in this competition. 

Congratulations to all the competition winners! 

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