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Eastern Christian School’s fourth grader students spend a significant part of their social studies curriculum learning about the states in the United States and the different regions that make up our exceptionally diverse country. Students are each assigned the state they research for our annual family favorite: the EC State Fair. This year, the fourth grade state fair was held on Thursday, February 28.

The fourth graders selected states in December to research over the last couple months to prepare for the state fair. The students researched in school throughout January and then continued their research and display information at home throughout the month of February. They prepared information about their state, including Geography, History, Culture, Economics, and Government. Many included a special food or drink item that is well known in their state to share with guests experiencing the state fair. Throughout the day, all students attending Eastern Christian Elementary School were able to see the fourth grade presentations at selected times to learn more about each state. Grandparents and grand-friends were then invited to see the fantastic work completed by the students during the school day. The state fair was held throughout the school day, and was then extended into the evening for parents and guests to enjoy the students’ hard work.

The state fair is an event fourth graders look forward to every year! It has become a tradition for our fourth graders, and is very well attended each year. The fourth grade teachers are extremely proud of the beautiful displays and in-depth research the fourth graders did this year!

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