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There is no doubt, Eastern Christian School is a special place.  Teachers not only care about student academic growth, they also care about their spiritual growth and character.  Eastern Christian’s Core Values span all three campuses and are applicable at every level of child development.  Teachers regularly discuss pursuing the character of Christ through our school’s six core values throughout daily lessons, during times of prayer, conflict, and resolution.  The core values can be remembered using the acronym SSEEDS: Seek truth, Serve others, Embrace community, Exhibit compassion, Develop responsibility, and Strive for excellence.

Several of our Kindergarten and Second Grade students shared what the core values mean to them:

Seek Truth means the opposite of lying.  It means you have to tell the truth, love God, and seek Jesus.

Serve Others means serving people food or anything they need.  You should love one another and care for them.  You can’t just care for yourself.

Embrace Community allows you to say, “Hey, do you want to be my friend?” or “Hey, I don’t need this toy anymore. You can have it.”  Embracing community means helping others and teaching others about Jesus.  It also means we can volunteer.

Exhibit Compassion means if someone is hurt, you should ask if he or she is OK, and find their teacher.  If someone dropped their lunch, you can make a new one for them, or help pick it up.  It means being kind and setting an example so others can do the same.

Develop Responsibility means taking care of your toys, helping and sharing with your friends.  You can help your teacher clean the table after lunch.  You should listen do your elders, and don’t talk over what they are telling you or you might not know what they want you to know, making the problem worse.  Listen to your teachers and ask what you are responsible for.

Strive for Excellence means being good to your teacher and friends so you don’t hurt their feelings.  Do your best and let God do the rest!  Try to do what’s right and ask God to help you if it’s hard.

Daily, our students learn about the importance of pursuing the character of Christ, and incorporating our core values.  Encourage your children to tell you what the core values mean to them and talk about how they can incorporate them in their school-life, and home-life.

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