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UT System Study

The University of Texas recently released their findings from the most comprehensive dual credit study to date. The results?  Dual credit students are more prepared for college and graduate sooner than students with no dual credit.  Here are three findings taken directly from the study:

  • Dual credit students are two times more likely than students entering college with no dual credit to graduate in four years.
  • Among students who graduate in four years, dual credit students, on average, graduate one semester earlier compared to students with no prior college credit.
  • Students reported that dual credit provides early exposure to college that benefited them when taking college courses after graduating from high school.

Time is money, and this is especially true when we are talking about college tuition.  The difference between taking three, four, or five years to graduate from college is significant.  But what if students could knock out one year of college while in high school? This could make all the difference.  


Real Life Story

Students from EC have been enjoying the benefits of our Project Acceleration program for years, but now studies like this are backing up our claims. The financial benefits, while they were marginal for most students in the UT System study, can be significant.  Jeff Botbyl, the Director of Operations and Security at EC, has seen the benefits first hand.

With the dual enrollment credits our son earned at Eastern Christian HS he graduated college within 3 years and our family was able to save one year of college tuition.”

Not only did the Botbyl family save money, but their son felt more prepared for the rigors of college classes.  

“The early exposure of Humanities in particular prepared me to succeed after graduating from high school. Humanities offers a challenging curriculum that not only teaches you about history and literature, but also how to be a successful student. Specifically, the writing skills that I learned in Humanities gave me an edge over my peers in college.”

The UT System study found that dual credit students are more prepared for college and graduate sooner than students with no dual credit.  The Botbyl family is a great example how how this plays out at EC.


Dual Credit and College Admissions

I worked in college admissions before switching to the high school side of the desk.  I know from experience that dual credit students are valued in the admissions process.  One of the main factors in evaluations is determining a students “strength of schedule.”  Grades, standardized test scores, and other factors are important, but colleges want to know the rigor of the classes.  

Dual credit programs are valued to admissions officers because they know if a student can succeed in a college-level course while in high school, they are more likely to continue this trend at the college level.  I recently volunteered at a NJACAC event called Camp College, and selective schools like Lehigh University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and the US Naval Academy all confirmed the value of dual credit programs.  


Project Acceleration vs. Most Dual Credit Programs

Most high schools partner with local community colleges for their dual credit programs.  Our Project Acceleration program is especially beneficial to our students because of the strong reputation of Seton Hall University.  Seton Hall requires a lengthy application process before the class and faculty member can be approved, ensuring that our students are receiving the same high-quality learning experience as they would at Seton Hall.  

At EC, we like to say that you can get there from here.  Our students are accepted and attend some of the most prestigious colleges in the country.  This study, along with countless first hand accounts, shows you can not only get there from here, but graduate early from there.  


Written By:

Ben Fuller
College and Career Counselor

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