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School’s done for summer, but that doesn’t mean Eastern Christian stops. Quite the contrary! A lot of good work happens on our campuses over the summer. In this recurring Blog series, we take a look at 10 reasons to get excited about next school year

Reason #6 Wyckoff Preschool Campus

In our 125th year, what’s old is new again! This fall, we will be launching a new campus… but it’s not so new for us. Partnering with our friends at Faith Community Christian Reformed Church in Wyckoff, we will offer PreK3 and PreK4 classes.

Some recent alumni will remember attending preschool in this space in the 90’s and we’re excited to bring it back. The space shares a campus with our Middle School.

We have the nice problem of growth and we’re running out of space in our early childhood program at Eastern Christian School’s Midland Park campus. 

Interested in learning more about this campus? Check out our campus launch page here.