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D04C8965By the end of the school year, it’s no secret that everyone is ready for a break! Summer provides therest and change of pace that students, teachers, and parents need. However, along with that time away from the classroom comes a big area for concern — learning loss.

How can you prevent this? Easy. Make learning fun!

Plant a Garden
The summer months are a great time to get your children outside and moving. In addition to fun activities that focus on their physical health like riding bikes, taking nature walks, and going to the park, why not use the time outdoors to stretch their minds as well?

Pick something to plant together, and teach them how to properly care for a garden. They’ll learn about agriculture and science and will be able to see the literal fruits of their labor!

Visit a Museum
Feel like the walls are closing in on those lazy, rainy summer days where your student is stuck inside? That’s the perfect time to head on over to a museum.

Whether it be art or history, a museum is a great place for your child to have some fun while acquiring knowledge and “fun facts” that can supplement what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Take a Trip
If you’re taking a summer vacation, engage your child in the planning process. Getting there is half the fun! This can be true for you and your child as you work together to pick a destination, mode of transportation, and fun activities available at your destination.

Involving your student in the travel process teaches him about geography and how to conduct thorough research on a location or topic of interest.

Keep a Summer Journal
Encouraging your student to keep a journal of their summertime adventures helps them hold onto, and improve upon, the strong writing skills they worked hard on during the school year.

Even just 15 minutes of writing after a fun, busy day can simultaneously help your child unwind and unleash creativity. Not to mention, years from now they’ll appreciate being able to look back at this special keepsake from a fun summer.

Volunteer at a Local Organization or Church
The summertime bursts with local community and church events. Along with these events come endless opportunities for your child to get involved with volunteer work. When your student volunteers their time to serve others, they not only feel good on the inside, but they also see the benefits that come from giving back to the community.

This instills the importance of being a good steward of time and resources, as well as the important concept of using our talents to enrich the lives of others.

Eastern Christian Camps
We’re dedicated to enriching your child’s educational experience and are passionate about making sure learning never stops, even in the summer months. If you’re looking for a structured environment for your student, be sure to check out Eagles Day Camps! With flexible hours and exciting activities, day camps are a great opportunity for families with students in kindergarten-7th grade.

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