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D04C9038A new year always brings inspiration. With a fresh start, we easily find motivation to do things differently, to accomplish new goals, and to become better versions of ourselves. Now that January is here, it is the perfect time to look back on the fall semester with your student and plan to make improvements this spring. Finishing the school year strong is not always easy, but these simple tips can make the final push a lot less stressful.

Master the Art of Organization
A little organization goes a long way. Students who are organized demonstrate higher academic performance and experience less stress. Now is the time to clean out those book bags, binders, and lockers. Don’t stop there — if your child’s bedroom or study area could use a revamp, the organization will certainly benefit your child both at home and at school.

Form Healthy Habits
Health and fitness are common new year’s resolutions for adults, but they can have an incredible firstday4impact on children as well. Meal planning is an easy way to get your family excited about healthy eating. Plan nutritious breakfasts, fill lunchboxes with healthy snacks like veggie sticks, fruit, and nuts, and create fun new options for family dinners. The healthy food will provide the energy your growing child needs. Further, aim for at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Every Saturday during the month of February, we’ll be hosting Super Saturdays — open gym events for kids from age 3 – 10 featuring inflatable slides, obstacle courses, jump rope stations, and more. If you have older students, try suggesting a brisk jog, a backyard soccer match, or even a round of indoor jumping jacks on a cold day. The benefits will be seen and felt!

Overcome Procrastination
Did procrastination get the best of your student last semester? Make sure that doesn’t happen again by providing tools to stay ahead of the game. Invest in a new agenda, to-do lists, or other organizational tools that help your student plan for upcoming assignments. Instead of making a habit of starting things the day before they’re due, encourage your student to begin far enough in advance to actually enjoy the projects. Kicking procrastination to the curb will not only boost grades, it will improve attitudes and lower anxiety as well.

Ask for Help
Does your student need a little extra support this season? Whether it is the pressures of college planning, a difficult class, or a spiritual concern, the staff at Eastern Christian is here to help. We have tools and resources in place to ensure every student thrives, so we encourage your family to take advantage of them. Our teachers, coaches, and counselors are passionate about helping students overcome obstacles to reach their full potential. If you need help, just ask!

Stay Inspired
The motivation to accomplish our new year’s resolutions tends to wear off as the weeks go by. Findways to keep the inspiration alive in your child’s heart and mind. Write down specific goals and D04C2604display them in a prominent place like your child’s bedroom. An inspiration board that features scripture references is a great way to remind your student of his or her objectives, and the source to draw on for strength.

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If your family is looking for a Christian school in the North Haledon, NJ, area, we invite you to learn more about Eastern Christian Schools. Our approach to education is highly personal, emphasizing each student’s academic success and spiritual development. Request more information today or contact us to schedule a visit.