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Question:  What would make a teenager dress in ridiculous clothes?  Volunteer to be a “room elf,” “buddy”, or “Santa”?  Play musical chairs?  Read Christmas stories?   

Answer:  The Eastern Christian High School Christmas Festival.

christmasfestivalEach year, Eastern Christian students welcome over 200 elementary school students from School 24 in Paterson.  The high school is a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm as the high school students host their elementary school buddies for a day.  They sing Christmas carols, enjoy a Christmas dance and skit, eat pizza, paint faces, play games, and generally enjoy an amazing day getting to know a new friend.  

National Honor Society students do the extensive planning that is involved in coordinating the activities of over 600 people in the building.  The logistics are complex, and the students take their responsibilities seriously.  They estimate food needs, purchase craft supplies, assign supervisors, write a skit, prepare carols, rehearse dances, and create a schedule.  

All of our core values are lived out in just a few hours:

  • Students seek the truth of the Christmas story, and share it with their guests.
  • Teenagers serve others.
  • We embrace our local community.
  • High schoolers exhibit compassion when purchasing gifts, or hosting their child.
  • All students develop responsibility when presented with the opportunity to lead and serve.
  • It is all done with excellence!

The Christmas Festival is best experienced, but if you can’t be there, the photos and video are the next best thing!

(view video here if video fails to load in page)