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By Rudi Gesch
Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management

ecmsD04C7157We’ve already blogged about our record enrollment growth, so we know that Eastern Christian School is growing. That’s great news! But how are these new EC families adjusting to life in a new school community? As it turns out, they’re thriving!

We polled all of our new families in something we call our “One Month In” survey. In particular, 3 numbers jumped off the page:

  • 95% of new EC parents say that their child has transitioned well into his/her new class
  • 98% of new EC parents are happy with their decision to enroll their child at EC
  • 97% of new EC parents would recommend Eastern Christian School to a friend

Wow! We are so thankful that families are adjusting to their transition into our school community so well! It’s also worth mentioning that the remaining percentages were mostly “neither agree nor disagree” – sort of an “incomplete” grade. This is fair because, again, the survey was only one month into the school year.

IMG_7859Those are the numbers from the parents. But what about the students? Let’s check out a recent EC Times story by EC sophomore, Addie Peretti entitled, New Students:

“When senior Jordan Moran walked into school on the first day, it already felt familiar. Although a brand new student to Eastern Christian, he had participated in the basketball summer league, and got to know kids on the team, while having a feel for the environment. “I was nervous at school the first couple days, but the kids from the basketball team helped me get through it,” said Jordan. Jordan is one of 71 students new to Eastern Christian High School this year.

Several aspects of school stood out to new students, especially the friendly atmosphere of EC. Andrew Bennett, a new freshman, first noticed the culture in the school. “You guys are a close knit family; everyone knows each other, and everyone cares about each other.”

New junior, Malcolm J. McLeod, noticed some similarities, “At my old school, new students would come and no one would pay attention to them,” he said. The friendliness and inviting spirit of school was a common thread through many new students.  Some activities new students liked the most at EC included SOAR, hallway murals, block scheduling, Man Up Bible study, and the cafeteria food.

Another thing that stood out to students was the student/teacher relationships at school.  “I love the way that the teachers interact with the students. They don’t act like they are above you; they work with you,” said new junior Alyssa Schoener. 

Almost every student commented about the inviting Christian atmosphere. Andrew also said, “My favorite part of school is Man Up (Bible Study). I like how it’s young men that just love Jesus and you get to have that fellowship with each other.”

ecesWe thank God for all of our new families and students, and for the amazing and welcoming Christian community that embraces our new friends. We are also excited about next year and how many more new students may come our way.”

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