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Some people would argue that great leaders are born — that leadership is not something which can be taught in a classroom. At Eastern Christian School, we disagree…not because we don’t believe in natural leaders, but because we’ve seen even the meekest students develop bold leadership skills. Through intentional teaching and a focus on leadership, we equip students to make an impact in the world around them. There are four key components to teaching leadership at EC:

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is at the core of leadership. If a person cannot think for themselves, they simply cannot lead others. Accordingly, students should not only be taught what to think – they should be taught how to think. EC teachers encourage students to ask lots of questions – to investigate subject matter for themselves, and to use their minds, hearts, and the foundation of Scripture to make decisions. These critical thinking skills are developed from kindergarten to graduation day.

Confident Speaking: The EC classroom is a safe place for students to interact with their teachers and peers. We encourage authentic discussion and sometimes even healthy debate. As students express their ideas, listen to opposing viewpoints, and broaden their perspectives, they are able to better understand the subject matter. Ultimately, this interaction develops strong communicators who present their ideas and beliefs in a compelling way. With these skills, students have a unique advantage in future academics, in their careers, and on the mission field of everyday life.

Compassionate Service: We don’t just want our students to be leaders – we want them to be servant leaders. This term, often discussed in the business world, describes the character of a leader who places the needs of others before his own. At EC, we believe this exemplifies Christian leadership. As students are immersed in service, they understand that lowering themselves to lift others up is the most rewarding form of leadership.

Courageous Faith: In today’s culture, it is not always easy for young people to profess their faith in Jesus. With a world growing increasingly hostile to Christian values, students must take a stand for what they believe to be true. In some environments, it will be easy. Other times, students will face opposition, and perhaps persecution for their beliefs. We bring this to the forefront of the educational experience, providing strong Biblical teaching, a variety of evangelism opportunities, and an emphasis on glorifying God with boldness.

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Students with leadership skills achieve far more than those without – not only in the classroom, but in college, work, and life. Are you interested in learning more about how Eastern Christian School’s academics and activities build strong leaders? Check out our informational e-book now.