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What makes Eastern Christian School unique? It’s our sweet spot. While other schools offer similar pieces, no one does it quite like Eastern Christian School. We’re the only school in the Northern New Jersey/NYC Metro area that can lay claim to the combination of Authentic Faith Integration, Affordable Tuition, and Resources, Programs, and Expertise.

Authentic Faith Integration

teamprayWe’re not like a public school with a religion class tacked on. We fully integrate our Christian faith into everything that we do. We have a unique curriculum. In our curriculum map, there is a column that permeates every subject, every grade, and every lesson plan. This column, entitled “Essential Questions,” demands an answer to the question, “Why does this matter?” This is how we tie everything into a larger picture of a Christian worldview so that every class is a “Bible class.”

And who is delivering this world-view shaping curriculum? Our teachers: amazing Christian leaders who love the Lord, love their content area, and love their students! These are certified teachers you can trust to partner with your home in the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development of your child. We have a progressive professional development academy that ensures that our teachers are constantly learning and improving. Check out these numbers and these stories to prove this point.

Affordable Tuition

Much has already been said about our innovative Variable Tuition program. While “affordable” certainly has different meanings to different people, consider that there are many independent, private schools that pursue that yellow circle quite rigorously, without any consideration of that gray circle. That’s not the case at Eastern Christian. We vigorously pursue excellence in everything we do- while staying mindful of our mission to keep our school accessible to as many Christian families as possible.

The simple fact of the matter is that no one in education provides more for less than Eastern Christian. From the fact that every student gets 20% off of the full cost of education, to the fact that we offer a range of tuitions that spans from 40-80% of the total cost of education is amazing. No one else is doing that. We recently calculated how an ECHS education could literally pay for itself.

Resources, Programs, Expertise

As New Jersey’s oldest and largest Christian day school, Eastern Christian is a school with resources, programs, and expertise. We own 38 acres of Northern New Jersey land and 3 updated, solar powered school buildings. We are a 123-year-old school with generational support from our community. With support from our generous donors, we are able to provide an amazing education at a fraction of the actual cost per student. These resources allow us to provide amazing programs and expertise for our students including:

Have it all at Eastern Christian

D04C3738aIn my role at EC, I speak with prospective, inquiry, and applicant families every day. When someone is considering transferring schools, it usually is because their current school situation is less than ideal for their family. Something is missing.

In these cases, more often than not, their current school lies somewhere in one of those two-circle overlaps in the chart above. Maybe they’re at a school with affordable tuition and a strong Biblical base, but they’re missing out on resources: academic, athletic, or art offerings. Or they’re at a school with great resources (and maybe even affordable tuition!), but the curriculum and the community lack the vital Christian faith integration that is important to their family. That’s why, when these families from “Two Circle” schools encounter Eastern Christian’s “Three Circle Sweet Spot,” for the first time, they are amazed. These families thought it was a two-choice option: either a Christian school without adequate resources, or a public (or private) school without faith integration. They didn’t know that it was possible to “Have it all.”

Check out this family’s response to their first experience at ECHS. Earlier this year, Anna dropped her son off for his shadowing experience, and she and I toured the High School campus. Despite living an hour away from our school, it very quickly became obvious that this is the school she had been searching for. We had a tremendous visit, and I sent her a thank you e-mail. This was her response:

“Rudi, I can’t thank you enough for your time today. What an absolute blessing it was for me. My husband already called and we will probably be filling out the EC application very shortly! I was amazed at Eastern and all it encompassed. I believe this school is what I have been waiting for (and why my heart remained so burdened about putting [my son] in a public high school).  I just didn’t think a Christian high school like Eastern could even exist! From the building itself down to the people I met, I felt welcomed and appreciated. I am so impressed with all the school has to offer. I see God’s special blessing all over EC. I truly believe it is worth an hour drive each way. Thanks again!  God bless. Anna”

That’s the best part of my job. I get to guide families through this process of discovery while they consider school options and what is best for their family. I get to be there for their “Aha EC moment.” For families like Anna’s, Eastern Christian is a place where they can have it all! They’re now in the application process, and her son will be enrolled in our brand new STEAM program this fall.


Put us to the test!

Don’t believe me? Come and see it for yourself! Our Admissions Staff would love to help guide your school discovery process as you try to give your child the best possible education. Perhaps it’s possible for your family to “Have it All” at Eastern Christian School!

Rudi Gesch

By: Rudi Gesch

Rudi is the Director of Marketing & Communications at EC.

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