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Welcome to the 3B: The Brochure Breakdown Blog series. In this recurring blog series, we consider all 9 topics in the newly released Eastern Christian School Brochure. We consider how each topic helps us tell our story.

EC_Brochure_04_600The Academic Excellence page of the brochure. Download the digital copy or request a paper copy.

Eastern Christian SCHOOL

At Eastern Christian School, we are obviously in the business of education. Unfortunately, in the field of Christian education, sometimes the actual education is brushed aside as something of a secondary importance. At Eastern Christian, we are not a Christian community glorifying God that “also does” education. We seek to glorify God through an excellent Christian education.

Thus far in this brochure, we have hit on the mission and history, and the authentic faith integration that help make Eastern Christian School unique. But this Christian community is not a church or a youth group. We are a school. In order to fully execute our mission, we need to be excellent at what we do. So an Eastern Christian education had better be amazing! Fortunately, for the families that we serve, we can say emphatically that this education is indeed excellent.

The Head and the Heart

If God has wired you to be a “head” person that thinks logically, we’ve got the stats to back these claims up:

  • 94% college placement
  • 11 to 1 student/teacher ratio
  • ECHS Students can graduate with 22 college credits in hand
  • Over $4,000,000 awarded in college scholarships annually

If God has wired you to be a “heart” person that feels it when it’s right, we have testimony after testimony of EC moms, dads, students, teachers, and alumni who all tell us that an Eastern Christian education was and is indeed excellent. Check out our EC Stories!

Academic Diversity

When we hear the word diversity, we usually gravitate toward racial diversity. And while Eastern Christian is certainly blessed with that (teaser for the next 3B Post on our community’s racial, denominational, and locational diversity!), but we are also blessed with diverse educational offerings to meet our students’ unique needs.

We are not an elitist school that “only takes the brightest.” Our mission to partner with Christian families leads us to offer a wide range of academic offerings for our diverse range of unique student abilities. For example, we don’t have an “entrance exam” for students who join our high school. We have a placement test. The intent of this test is to see where students are at and to see where they fit best in our curriculum. We are about meeting each individual student where they are at, and helping them maximize their academic potential to the glory of God.

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