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Each year Eastern Christian Elementary School plans a school-wide Problem Based Learning (PBL) project. In a PBL project, students are presented with an essential question or problem that they must work together to answer or solve. Problem Based Learning allows students to take ownership of their learning and think deeply and creatively.

This year, ECES is helping to support the Steen family, an EC family currently serving as missionaries in Tanzania.

As part of this project, each class at Eastern Christian Preschool and Elementary School prepared an exhibit in their classroom displaying what they learned about culture in Africa. Rooms were set up to showcase student projects on home & village construction, instruments, clothing, geography, and more. ECES students were excited to be able to invite parents and friends to visit the museum on Tuesday evening. ECES students explained to their guests the projects they created and what they had learned about life in Africa.

The African Museum was a huge success thanks to the hard work of our students, staff, PTO and parents. Through the event, ECES raised over $3,300 to support the Steen family.