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international school new jerseyWe are living in an age of connectivity.  With the prevalence of the Internet, computers, smart phones, and tablets, it is now easier than ever to interact with the world around us. Never before has it been so vital that our students develop an understanding of other cultures, giving them the power to work together in a way that fosters long-term success for our community and our world.

At Eastern Christian School, we believe that having international students as part of our student body enhances the learning experience for everyone. There are many benefits both local and international students experience from being involved with a study abroad program, such as:

  • Enhanced global perspective
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Overall personal growth

In the full-year International Program at EC, international students acquire knowledge through cultural immersion, improved language skills and an increased appreciation for national customs and traditions. Students also develop skills like flexibility, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, and critical thinking.

Both local and international students grow personally, as they are urged to step out of their comfort zones and work through cultural barriers. Participating in a study abroad program helps students on both ends to gain a more mature worldview and develop a deeper awareness, understanding, and respect for global affairs, including political, educational, societal, and economic issues.

Eastern Christian School’s International Program

For more than a decade, Eastern Christian School has been educating international students, ages 13 and up (7th-12th grade), from all over the world. Strategically located within minutes of New York City and three international airports, EC is an academically challenging private school, with a 95% college acceptance rate and a history of placing students at elite American colleges and universities.

With a diverse international student population that includes students from Brazil, South Korea, China, Bolivia, Italy, Japan, China, India, Honduras and Taiwan, our program is intentional in its efforts to provide a rich cultural and social education to every participant. International students are encouraged to study alongside their American friends, and enjoy the same extracurricular activities, such as fine arts, visual arts, theater arts, leadership activities and school athletics. Customized ESL support is available for international students, including multiple levels of ESL and writing instruction, individual tutoring and test preparation.

At Eastern Christian School, we believe that our responsibility is to educate each child academically, physically and spiritually, and help them recognize the gifts that they possess. We seek to foster an environment of cultural diversity that benefits anyone who walks through our doors.

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Established in 1892, Eastern Christian School is a private Christian school, whose mission is to provide students with a challenging education that encourages them to develop and appreciate having a global worldview. With campuses in Midland Park, Wyckoff, and North Haledon, NJ, our staff looks forward to hearing from you! Call us today at (973) 427-4013 for more information.

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