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Leah Genuario
What do you teach at Eastern Christian School?
I teach journalism, yearbook and essay workshop. I’m also the Herald editor.
What do you love about Eastern Christian School?
I have been impressed with this school system from all angles–as a student, a parent, and now most recently, as a teacher. The school embodies what I believe it means to be a Christian learning community. Not only is a biblical worldview infused through curriculum and activities, the school staff is a loving, caring group of people who truly work with excellence in mind.
Why do you like teaching at Eastern Christian? What motivated you to become a teacher at Eastern Christian?
I enjoy investing in the lives of younger people and see it as a ministry. I have found much joy in my prior profession as a journalist, and it is exciting to cultivate those gifts in others. I would like to be a teacher who encourages students to recognize their God-given talent and spurs them on to strengthen those skills.
How do you teach a Christian Worldview in your classes at EC?
Our Christianity should inform everything we do. That means we work with excellence, examine if our topics educate and inspire, and seek to treat our interviewees with dignity and respect. As part of student journalism training, we look at business ethics models, as well as examine article topics in the light of Philippians 4:8. It is very important to me that our students understand that our Christian faith comes into play in everything we do–whether it’s double-checking the spelling of a name because we would want our name to be spelled correctly, all the way through putting in extra effort to build a case for the historicity of Jesus in our investigative reporting unit.
What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
I think I’m unique in that I worked in the field I now teach in.
The Eastern Christian tagline is “Engaging. Nurturing. Transforming.” How do you accomplish this in your role at EC?
Engaging the mind–Better writing, interpersonal and layout skills!
Nurturing the spirit–Recognizing and affirming the talents I see. Treating every student as a valued student and encouraging everyone to excel.
Transforming the World–Focusing on article topics that elevate conversation.