About EC


HJ Ahn

Position: Senior Accountant
Email: hjahn@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973-427-6244 ext. 7210

Terry Allen

Position: 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies, Middle School Cross Country & Track Coach
Email: terryallen@easternchristian.org

Joel Apol

Position: History, Cross Country High School, Boys' and Girls' Track High School
Email: joelapol@easternchristian.org

Jim Aupperlee

Position: Van Driver

Michael Auteri

Position: Maintenance Assistant

Sue Boonstra

Position: Instructional Aide, Bus Driver & Bus Safety Educator

Leida Botbyl

Position: Preschool Aide

Gail Bushman

Position: Bus Driver

Mildred Cameron

Position: Bus Driver

Cheryl Cusack

Position: Girls' Assistant Varsity Softball
Email: clc0103@gmail.com

Sandra De Marco

Position: Student Services Assistant - Deans' Office
Email: sandrademarco@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4901

Thomas Dykhouse

Position: Executive Director & Head of School
Email: tomdykhouse@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973-427-6244 ext. 7202

Lisa Dykstra

Position: Three-Year-Old Preschool Aide

Jonathan Englishman

Position: Bus Driver

Rudi Gesch

Position: Director of Marketing & Enrollment Management, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
Email: rudigesch@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973-427-4013

Aaron Goldstein

Position: Health & Physical Education, MS Assistant Athletic Director, Girls' MS Basketball, Girls' MS Volleyball, MS Track & Field
Email: aarongoldstein@easternchristian.org

Steven Gorter

Position: Board of Directors President (Term ends 2017)

Max Harvell

Position: PE/Health, Boys Varsity Baseball, Boys JV Soccer, Boys JV Basketball
Email: maxharvell@easternchristian.org

Ruth Henion

Position: Junior Kindergarten Aide, Before School Care

Amy Hulsebos

Position: Girls' Varsity Tennis, Girls' JV Basketball, Assistant Coach Girls' Varsity Lacrosse
Email: amyhulsebos@easternchristian.org

Craig Jacobs

Position: Boys Varsity Baseball Assistant Coach
Email: jacobsc10@gmail.com

David Joustra

Position: Custodian

Nicholas Kuiken

Position: Board of Directors Treasurer (Term ends 2020)

Cathy Lagerveld

Position: International Enrollment and Host Family Coordinator
Email: cathylagerveld@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4202

Richard Lee

Position: Board of Directors Member (Term Ends 2018)

Dwayne Leegwater

Position: Board of Directors Member (Term ends 2020)

George Lindemulder

Position: Bus Driver

Mirian Lopez

Position: Bus Driver

Dan Martin

Position: Bus Driver

Beth Milkamp

Position: Assistant Director, Foundation for E.C.S.A
Email: bethmilkamp@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973-427-9294 ext. 7281

Christi Mulder

Position: Girls' Varsity Lacrosse Coach
Email: cnmulder@gmail.com

Jeremy Mulder

Position: Board of Directors Member (Term ends 2020)

Miguel Pallales

Position: Bus Driver

Mark Reitsma

Position: Board of Directors Vice President (Term Ends 2017)

Ray Roberts

Position: Bus Driver

Lynn Roukema

Position: Preschool Aide

Ruth Rudd

Position: High School Library Media Specialist, Technology Coach, Online Learning Mentor
Email: ruthrudd@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4406

Ralph Rypkema

Position: Substitute Bus Driver

Bill Schoener

Position: Varsity Boys' Basketball
Email: wjschoener201@aol.com

Amy Shepley

Position: Student Services Assistant - College & Career Office
Email: amyshepley@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4300

Sharon Spoelstra

Position: TRIP Coordinator/Foundation Assistant
Email: sharonspoelstra@easternchristian.org
Phone: TRIP: 201-650-7056 Foundation: 973-427-9294 ext 7208

Seth Stadtlander

Position: Assistant Athletic Director, Mathematics, Girls' JV Soccer
Email: sethstadtlander@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4101

Kenneth Steenstra

Position: Board of Directors Member (Term ends 2018)

Jim Stegink

Position: Maintenance Assistant

Ana Tortos

Position: Custodian

Jayna VanBuiten

Position: Girls' JV Volleyball, Girls' MS Volleyball
Email: jaynavanbuiten@gmail.com

Kevin Vander Beck

Position: Girls' Varsity Softball
Email: kevin@cjvanderbeck.com

Suzanne VanHousen

Position: Bus Driver

Arielle VanWingerden

Position: Indoor Track Assistant Coach
Email: rel.vanwing@gmail.com

Barry Veenstra

Position: Athletic Director, Physical Education/Health, Girls' Varsity Basketball
Email: barryveenstra@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4102

Jeanne Veenstra

Position: Middle/High School Budget and Purchasing Agent
Email: jeanneveenstra@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973.427.0900 ext. 4201

Verge Versnel

Position: Substitute Bus Driver

David Visbeen

Position: Executive Director, Foundation for E.C.S.A.
Email: davidvisbeen@easternchristian.org
Phone: 973-427-9294 ext. 7212

Ryan Vogel

Position: Board of Directors Recording Secretary (Term ends 2019)

Wayne Vriesema

Position: Bus Driver

Doug Wanamaker

Position: Bus Driver & Bus Maintenence

Sandy Westra

Position: Board of Directors Corresponding Secretary (Term ends 2020)

Kathy Wood

Position: Bus Driver