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Dr. Dan Lazor is a humble and bold servant of Christ with a passion for service learning. He has spent the past 9 years intentionally shepherding the next generation of leaders at our Wyckoff campus. We are thankful for his work for the kingdom and are excited to celebrate him this National Principals Month.

Why did you want to work in a Christian school environment?

My first time in Chirstian education was serving at a Christian school in Seoul, South Korea. From the first day I stepped into that classroom, I knew that Christian education allowed for the pursuit of the whole truth – connecting God’s work to everything that we teach/learn. 

What makes Eastern Christian School distinctive?

We keep Christ central in all we do as we seek to continue our pursuit of building and maintaining an excellent Christian school.

What is your favorite memory at Eastern Christian School?

I have loved celebrating with our students on the big events: eighth grade promotion ceremonies, seventh grade Spruce Lake trips, eighth grade Philadelphia, etc. I know that each student has a story that has been influenced by so many of the EC staff along the way – it is a reminder that God is faithful through the years to help our students grow into the people He has planned for them to be.

In your role as principal, what are you most excited about this year? 

I am excited that the growth in our school community allows us to think big about the plans God has for the future. I know that we are helping to shape the lives of our students and to point them to Christ, and the growing community gives us more opportunities to do that.

What is one thing interesting about you that people might not know? 

That although I hail from Scranton, PA, I have neither worked at nor purchased paper from Dunder Mifflin.

Name one thing you love about being principal!

People! I love being able to work with amazing teachers who have the same goal; with parents who want to see their kids succeed and grow in their relationship with Christ, and with students who wear me out but who also have so much life and energy in them.

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