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It is a pleasure to start the day reminding the children that God is in the room. He is with us as we study his world, the “magnificent theater” that we are called to learn about, care for, and enjoy. Throughout the day, I am able to remind the children that “our world belongs to God” and we study it from that perspective.

In social studies, we remember that all people are created in God’s image and we embrace our differences and celebrate what we can learn from each other and other cultures. In science, we are awed by our Creator. How can we not stop and be amazed by the wonder of God’s creation? When we read class books, we discuss the characters and their actions from a Christian perspective.

I come to school each day, hoping to model Christ as I teach from a Christian perspective. Each day the children inspire and teach me as well. Eastern Christian is a place where education is Christ centered and God’s love is shown to the children. 

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