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Science offers so many opportunities to teach from a Christian perspective. I want my students to wonder at the power and majesty of our Creator! My prayer is that through any topic we are learning about, that they will see how that content points back to God and His characteristics. Seventh graders are currently learning about disabilities in their MAD lessons; in Science we are spending time studying the nervous system. One student made the comment “How can anyone doubt there is a God when they study the human body and the crazy way it works?” Yes, yes, yes! When we talk about climate change and its effects, we can be reminded that God created a world for us to enjoy but he also wants us to take care of His design and be faithful stewards of all that He has given to us. In our genetics unit, we spend time looking at physical traits that make us different from our peers; that can be awkward as a middle schooler but when a student appreciates the way God has created us in His image, I am thrilled at the awe they have.

I experience the love and grace of God every day in my life. I want my students to experience that from me as well. Middle schoolers are in a tough stage of their lives so my goal is for them to know that there is always forgiveness from me as they navigate their teenage experiences.

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