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Eastern Christian is pleased to welcome Heidi Johnson as high school theater director.

Johnson received her bachelor’s in screenwriting from Grand Canyon University. She recently moved to New Jersey from Arizona to pursue her dream of performing on Broadway. Having attended Christian schools from K-12, she’s thrilled to be plugged in to Eastern Christian. She looks forward to sharing her experiences in the theater as well as her walk with the Lord. 

Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Arizona.  From a young age, I knew the arts would play a large part in my life, but it wasn’t until high school when I felt God calling me to pursue musical theater as a profession in New York. I’ve worked as a professional actor across the state of Arizona for just about a decade, and I’m very excited to see what the Lord has in store for me here on the East Coast.  My hobbies include reading, creative writing, playing video games, and watching all the TV shows with my loving fiancé, Mychal, and our schnoodle (schnauzer poodle), Atticus Finch.

Tell us the story of how God brought you to EC

In Arizona, I was very involved with the high school I graduated from, Valley Christian. I worked as a musical theater vocal coach and consultant with the choir students, and the choir teacher there connected me with EC.  It really was God’s hand orchestrating the situation and guiding me to this school because my landing in this position was just so perfectly–he had a plan before I arrived in NJ, that’s for sure.

What sets EC apart?

While I’m still new to the EC community, there’s just this feeling of love surrounding the campus–the EC faculty and staff are so supportive of one another and of their students.  That love and acceptance is so crucial for a high school student body in these formative years as they transform from kids to young adults and as they take true ownership of their faith. I’m very humbled to be a part of something like that, and with my experiences in the theater, my upbringing in the church, and how I married the two together, I only hope I bring something unique to the table.

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