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Eastern Christian is pleased to welcome Jaclyn Ramos as part of the cafeteria staff.

Ramos is married with one daughter. She enjoys nature trails and exploring historic villages with her family. She learned from her family that a good meal can open the door to a conversation about the love of God. She has always enjoyed making meals for others, and is excited to now be making meals for the wonderful students at EC! Ramos is a long time member of Faith Love Christian Church, and serves on the Ministry of Helps team by leading worship and praise, setting up streaming and audio visual equipment, and by bookkeeping.

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in a small town named Sulphur Bluff, TX. I moved to New Jersey in 2015 after marrying my husband. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, going to the beach, and maintaining my plants. I also enjoy singing and making up recipes.

Tell us the story of how God brought you to EC

I came to EC purely through the grace of God. I previously worked a variety of jobs; all of which I believe were preparing me to arrive at EC. I have previously had experience in food handling, accounting, school secretarial work, substitute work, and childcare. Through my many experiences, I really believe I had landed in my calling when I started working with children and young people. While working in public schools, I learned that even just a simple, “How are you? Are you okay?” could completely turn a student’s day around. I began praying for a career that would allow me to share the love of Jesus with today’s youth, and to prioritize being available for my daughter as well. Shortly after, I learned of an opening at EC; and knew I should apply. Now I am free to share God’s love with students and while doing something I love: cooking! Through EC, I have also been blessed with a schedule that allows me to invest more time into my daughter as well. I am so grateful.

What sets EC apart? 

When you put God first, he will lead and guide your life in his will. EC does just that. I am so happy the students here are taught the word of God, and are taught to apply it to their lives. I know it will truly shape their lives and open doors for them that no one can shut.

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