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Eastern Christian is pleased to announce the hiring of alumna Steffanie Honore as special education and psychology teacher. 

Steffanie earned a bachelor’s in Psychology from Calvin College. She is married to Andrew Honore and has two children. Passionate about teaching students through the lens of Christian faith, she has worked with high school students through youth group and coaching for more than 10 years. Most recently, she served in the Fort Lee school district as part of its special education program. 

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in New Jersey and in the EC community. From a young age, I had a strong love of sports. As I grew older, volleyball became my top sport interest. Moving through college, I started serving at the local high school youth group. Upon graduation, I immediately started coaching volleyball at Eastern Christian and started running a youth group alongside my husband, Andrew.  

Tell us the story of how God brought you to EC

Throughout my spiritual journey, a consistent theme that presents itself is trusting in God.  Whether it was transferring college, my first job, or finally making the move to EC. Studying Psychology in college ignited a fire in me to teach students who may learn differently. I always wanted all types of learners to feel validated and welcome in education no matter what their education level. After graduation, I worked in Fort Lee Public Schools in their Elementary Special Education Program. I worked specifically with students who were on grade level, but struggled to learn in a typical classroom setting. While working for the school, I obtained my Registered Behavior Technician Certificate. I also coached varsity volleyball here at EC and volunteered as a youth group leader.  For me, the special Education and psychology teaching at EC was God bringing his plans for me full circle.  He asked me to trust him yet again!

What sets EC apart?

As Christians, we naturally see the world through a unique lens. We are asked to be a part of the world but not of it. The modern world makes this an incredibly difficult task. I have found throughout my life that having a strong Christian foundation is essential. Coming from Eastern Christian myself, I still carry with me many of the teachings I learned from its staff. I believe strongly that Eastern Christian does an amazing job in equipping its students for the challenges the real world brings.

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