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High School Art Teacher Jesse Wright shared his passion for getting a 3D modeling tool into the hands of more EC students by collaborating with Middle School Art Teacher Kari Pratt, High School Technology Teacher Tim Steen, and Technology Integration Specialist Meredith Kohlbrenner to create a cross-campus opportunity. Jesse made a guest appearance in Kari’s Art classes via video chat to introduce himself and the TinkerCAD software. During the video chat, Jesse explained how to use the basic features of the program and how his high school students use TinkerCAD for 3D modeling and printing. Students were excited at the prospect of creating their own 3D designs.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students rose to the challenge and displayed quick learning and creative skills as they began tinkering with the program. Jesse’s suite of video tutorials, which showcase more advanced features of the program, were made available to the students for further exploration. 

During the second day of exploration, students received the challenge of creating a 3D wearable pin for veterans in conjunction with a Future Engineers competition. The competition encourages students to create a 3D pin design to honor veterans. The winning design will be 3D printed and handed out to veterans at the Veterans Memorial Museum in Columbus, OH and will earn a 3D printer for the student’s school.  

Tim Steen’s TinkerCAD-experienced high school students Zach DeVries, Joe Vivolo, Ben Visbeen, Danny Lazor, and Sebastiano Secades made guest appearances in Kari Pratt’s art classes to coach the middle school students in their assignment. The juniors and seniors expertly answered the students technical questions and gave them inspiration to improve their designs. The seniors also shared ways they have used TinkerCAD in the past and how they hope to use it in conjunction with their college and career aspirations.

The middle school students were excited to hear what the seniors were learning about in Art and Technology and what they were hoping to pursue after high school. The students particularly interested in digital design or 3D modeling were also looking forward to exploring TinkerCAD more on their own. The Art and Technology departments continue to seek new ways to broaden all EC students’ access to cutting edge digital and design programs.

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