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Eastern Christian High School greeted 76 8th grade students to campus on November 17th, including 51 ECMS 8th graders as well as many prospective students exploring ECHS. Students enjoyed 4 mini classes: Graphic Design, Science, Economics, and Journalism. During chapel, Matt Battista, Pastor at Calvary Temple International, encouraged students about how God works through the seasons in our lives, just as the tree endures the seasons in order to grow deeper, stronger, roots and thrive.  Beautifully weaving our spiritual theme from this year, he also referenced Joshua and Exodus and explained how God doesn’t call us to be comfortable, He calls us to move forward. Next, the student campus visitors explored over 40 different clubs, organizations, and teams in our HS Activities Fair, ranging from athletics to robotics, fine arts to student senate and so much more. After a hardy in-take of pizza and receiving some swag, EC 8th graders headed back to the Wyckoff campus and prospective students participated in a mini- shadow afternoon. 

That evening we welcomed 28 families to our High School Open House, which featured 7 staggered groups as they learned about the amazing ways God has been at work at EC for generations, what He’s doing now, and the ways He’s alive in the plans for the future.  Visitors moved through a series of stops to hear from our incredible faculty and staff about the programs, differentiated academic opportunities, student leadership, college and career, educational support services, and more.  They too ended in the Activities Fair with roughly 60 of our HS leaders sharing about their diverse passions and involvements at ECHS.  

As I was reflecting on this exciting and wonderful day of events and giving God all the glory, Josh Baldwin’s voice came over the radio proclaiming “I see the evidence of your goodness, all over my life…. I see the evidence of your promises of fulfillment, all over my life”.  What an awesome thing to witness the evidence of His faithfulness and the ways He’s at work through the teachers, administrators, students, families, and staff as we share who Eastern Christian is and all that’s happening at the High School! 






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