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The entire educational landscape has shifted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Very little is known about how learning is impacted when there are such dramatic changes to the way that American students are learning throughout the 2020-2021 school year. 

The closest comparison we can make is the research around learning loss that occurs over a typical summer break. You may recall that earlier this fall, we reported that our students’ gains compared to the expected learning loss due to COVID-19 and remote instruction demonstrated a spring of effective remote instruction.

Since the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we have paid very close attention to student progress this year. We are pleased to provide an overview of our winter MAP testing results. 

Research shows that when school is disrupted, students’ math growth is most at risk. Our students are meeting or exceeding the level of growth that we would expect to see in a normal year. 

Given the extenuating circumstances, we have also been particularly concerned about our students who most struggle with learning. Our students receiving additional support from our T.E.S.S. program have also done exceptionally well in meeting or exceeding their growth targets.

As a school, in the areas of Math, Reading, and Language, we set 19 achievement targets of our own high learning standards. These are the same targets that we set for ourselves in a typical year. We are so pleased to report that EC students were able to meet or exceed 17 out of 19 targets! The two targets that we missed were by 1 and 3 percentage points, respectively.

While we can’t compare our standardized testing to our local schools, as testing has been suspended, we are pleased to report that despite a remote environment in the spring of 2020 and a modified environment this past fall, our teachers continue to live out our core value of Pursuing Excellence in their virtual and live classrooms. Our students are growing and thriving in their learning at Eastern Christian School!

We are so thankful to the shared community commitment that has made this amazing year of learning possible! EC is blessed with an amazing team of teachers, nurses, administrators, and staff with a tireless commitment towards our mission and making this unprecedented year possible. Thank you to our families for your continued partnership. 

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