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As a result of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety for our school community, Eastern Christian School has purchased 66 Price brand Room Air Purification units- one for each classroom. 

One of the things that we know during the COVID-19 pandemic is that stagnant air is not good. Since our buildings largely do not have forced air circulation or filtration, our solution up until  this point has been to keep the classroom windows open in order to allow for fresh air ventilation. That solution was always temporary as we prepared for the colder months of the school calendar.

With the installation of these Room Air Purifiers, we can close classroom windows! All air in every classroom will be as clean as the air standard for hospital operating rooms! This unit is designed to “Continuously cycle air through a MERV 8 pre-filter, then a HEPA filter and finally an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light as a supplemental technique to inactivate airborne viruses of common occupied spaces.”

Not JUST for COVID-19
The installation of these units is not exclusively for the COVID-19 response plan. There are long term benefits for the health and safety of our school community for things like the flu, the common cold, and even allergens for our students and staff. This initiative will make our school a healthier, safer, more comfortable place for years to come. 

These units represent a significant non-budgeted expense. While we’re fully committed to funding safe spaces for our students and staff members, we do need help in defraying the cost of this project. Plan on hearing more about giving opportunities with our upcoming Giving Tuesday (December 1).

This year’s Giving Tuesday will be dedicated exclusively to funding this and other health and safety investments in our school. 

Thank you for your continued partnership!

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