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Every year at Eastern Christian High School, the freshman class puts on a “mock” College Fair for the rest of the student body. It is a fun and educational event where the freshman get into groups of three, choose a college to research, and then represent the college at our annual fair.  Upperclassmen are able to visit the fair and ask questions about the schools. It is a fun way for our freshman to take leadership and actually teach their upperclassmen peers about various colleges. Freshman also choose to bring in cupcakes, cookies or other treats as part of their presentations to draw the crowds in.  

Another fun aspect is that the colleges get involved as well.  The students email the colleges and they are representing ahead of time to ask if the school will send any brochures, pens, or other “swag” for the groups to use at the fair.  This year some colleges went above and beyond and sent hats, shirts, magnets. One sent glow sticks!  

During our 2019 CTE College Fair, the freshman made some incredibly professional and creative trifolds and handouts, as well as some delicious treats.  Our hope is that through this annual tradition, our freshman students will gain confidence in their presentation skills while learning about their future college and career options. 

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