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After days of auditions and thoughtful consideration we are happy to announce the cast of our spring musical, Seussical! Mark you calendar for our performances on March 11-14!


Role Actor
Cat in the Hat Isabelle Lazor
Boy/Jojo Emily Steen
Horton the Elephant Joshua Lee
Gertrude McFuzz Grace Na
Mayzie La Bird Allison Leber
Sour Kangaroo Nicola Venturini
General Gengus Khan Schmitz Kiandra Dussard
Wickersham Brother 1 Naomi Englehard
Wickersham Brother 2 Kelly Steenstra
Wickersham Brother 3 London Xhudo
Bird Girl 1 Yejin Park
Bird Girl 2 Kim Abbas
Bird Girl 3 Eliza Misselbeck
Mr. Mayor Josh Ninan
Mrs. Mayor/Hunch Cailtin Westra
Yertle the Turtle/ Jungle Creature Baijun Jiang
Vlad Vladikoff Elijah Crefeld
Cadets/Hunches Destiny Tejada, Maria Nabih, Tehilla Mweyna
Jungle Creatures/Fish Michelle Vriesema, Audrey Tignor, Emmy Sanchez, 
Whos/Circus Members Josaida Pineyro, Lydia Johnson, Anneka Reitsma, Elijah Crefeld

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