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EC 4th grade students have several opportunities to share their gifts with the rest of the student body, as well as teachers, parents, and visitors. This year, with the leading of music teacher, Rob Flim, the students were able to share the story of Esther through their musical, Malice in the Palace by Tom S. Long and Allen Pote. Students were able to share their gifts of singing, acting, and dancing with the audience. The musical had several comical elements delighting the audience, all while sharing the story of God’s grace towards his chosen people.

Esther was chosen to be the the king’s queen after his queen refused to attend a party. Esther was beautiful, gracious, and kind, but did not flaunt her beauty as the other women in the kingdom did. Haman, the king’s prime minister, had evil plans to kill all of the Jews in the land when Mordecai, Esther’s uncle refused to bow to him. Mordecai would only bow to God, and would not disgrace the Lord by bowing to Haman. Haman convinced the King that all the Jews should be killed. Mordecai sent word to Esther to make sure she knew what Haman was plotting and encouraged her to go to the king on the Jews’ behalf.

Esther mustered up the courage to approach the king, even though no one could approach him without an invitation. She invited the king and Haman to a special dinner. Before the dinner, the king could not sleep, so had the book of the chronicles of his reign read to him. Through the reading, he was reminded of when Mordecai exposed a plot to assassinate the king, sparing his life. The king wondered how Mordecai was rewarded for sparing his life, and it was confessed that nothing was done to honor him.

The next morning, the king spoke with Haman and planned a way to honor someone who was important to the king. Haman, mistakingly thinking the honor was for him, gave some suggestions. They determined that the one who was to be honored should wear the king’s robe and be led on the king’s horse through the city proclaiming, “This is what is done for the man the king delights to honor!” To Haman’s disappointment, he was assigned to lead a horse, proclaiming that the King delights in Mordecai while he rode through the city.

As soon as Haman was finished leading Mordecai’s horse, he needed to attend the dinner with the king and Esther. It was in that dinner that Esther revealed what Haman’s intentions were and that she was a Jew and she would have to die under Haman’s plan. The king was furious with Haman, and ordered him to suffer the fate that he had planned for Mordecai.  Haman’s pride led him to his own destruction, but brave, young Esther was used by God to save her people.

The 4th grade students did a fantastic job portraying the story with great entertainment value, and clearly gave glory to God. If you would like to see this wonderful musical, the 4th graders will be sharing it again on Sunday, April 14 at 6:00 at Cedar Hill Church.

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