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Not every Eighth grade student with a crafty hobby is asked to spend several days in Daytona, Florida at a Slime Bash with other crafters while meeting hundreds of other craft enthusiasts. However, EC eighth grader Jaden is not just a student having some fun making and selling crafts. She’s literally made a business of it!  Her peers consider her a master and have regularly purchased slime from her Etsy site, called JadensCraftShackCo, where she has at least 48 varieties. Jaden spends about an hour a day after school working on filling orders, creating slime, and posting to her Instagram account to keep her 4,800 followers coming back for more. For events, such as the recent Slime Bash, she needs to spend two to three hours a day preparing at least 250 slimes she’ll take with her.

Did you know there were such things as slime conventions? Jaden has applied to applied to sell at conventions all over the east coast and considers it an honor to be chosen to sell at close to nine locations out of the hundreds of applicants.  Jaden enjoys meeting new admirers and loves to personally meet many of the people she’s met online.  Coming up in March, Jaden will be selling at Slide Rodeo in Tampa, Florida. Then she looks forward to some future events this spring such as Safari Slime Splash at Kalahari Resorts and Boston Slime.  If you’d like to check out a slime convention, you just need to purchase tickets and then you can spend hours meeting the professionals and purchasing their slime. Jaden herself, loves to walk around and meet the “VIP slimers” that come to sell and told me it’s a great place for her to get new ideas for her own business.

For an eighth grader this is a great way to make some extra money! All of the money Jaden makes from her Etsy site goes directly into her business account but then any money she makes at the various events is divided between spending money, the business account, and her personal savings. But what’s even more awesome is the fact that each month Jaden chooses to tithe to various organizations such as Salvation Army, One Child Matters, and Samaritans Purse.

Recently, in our eighth grade Core Values and Character class, I asked students to create a collage about someone whose leadership skills they admire. Jaden choose to write about herself and I can’t but help agree with her. Jaden’s fun-loving outlook on life, her personality, and her desire to use her hobby to also benefit others is my idea of a leader and Eastern Christian can be proud of a student like her!


Liesl Botbyl

By: Liesl Botbyl

Liesl Botbyl is the 4th-8th Grade STEAM Teacher and 8th Grade Science Teacher on EC's Wyckoff Campus.

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